How to

Refill your daydream

We created a simple and easy step by step process to refill wherever your are, your favorite BY FAR DAYDREAM

Step 1

Insert the 20ml mini bottle into the base of your charm.

Step 2

Swivel the 100ml bottle into the neck of the charm bottle.

Step 3

Allow to fill until it comes to an automatic stop and twist to release.

Step 4

Clip on the zamac BY FAR bracelet over the bottle and screw on the pump.

Step 5

Snap on the cap and snap on the charm bracelet.

Step 6

Style on your BY FAR bag, jean hoop or hang in the car.

Next refill

Unskrew the pump, and use the pin to release the zarmac.Go to Step 2 to refill your DAYDREAM.