The BY FAR Movie Guide

The BY FAR Movie Guide

La Piscine

Wealthy, glamorous  couple Jean-Paul and Marianne (played by Alain Delon and Romy Schneider) are in the midst of spending their summer at the pool of their villa in the French Riviera,  when Marianne’s ex Harry and his 16-year-old daughter (Jane Birkin) appear, quickly causing a subtle, yet, intriguing tension between the couple. This quartet “in love”, the scorching heat and the notes of rivalry and jealousy evolve before our eyes, only to reach a calumniation of bitter consequences.

A Bigger Splash


Set under the burning heat of the Mediterranean sun, at a villa one can only dream of, this psychological drama draws inspiration from the old classic “La Piscine” , giving us a fresh take on the stylish, unorthodox, and complicated love story. While on vacation with her boyfriend in Sicily, a rock star, her current lover, her ex-lover and his seductive daughter get tangled up in a frill of desire, jealousy and a bit rock and roll.

American Gigolo


Julian Kaye, played by Richard Gere, is opulently handsome and stylish. He spares no expense where his lifestyle is concerned, keeping up his appearances with the support of his clients: upper-class women of Los Angeles looking for a little more than companionship. He takes pleasure in his work, satisfying their desires, offering and selling his body until it all takes a turn for the worse when he is framed for a murder he didn’t commit. With no strong alibi and no one to help him clear his name, he gets desperate in trying to escape his glooming faith.

Silver Linings Playbook


Heart-warming, humorous and soul-satisfying might be the best words to describe this difficult love story. After spending 8 months in a mental health facility for attacking his wife’s lover, Pat is on a road to better his life when he meets Tiffany, a mysterious girl working through issues of her own. Despite the trouble that follows them, they find themselves reaching for that oh-so-rare happiness through contagious optimism and undying faith.

Call Me By Your Name

While spending the summer of 1983 in the enchanted northern parts of Italy, 17-year-old Elio and medical student Oliver discover the unbreakable spell of a first love. The sudden and powerful romance takes them through unrelenting buried notes of obsession, fear and fascination sure to mark them for the rest of their lives. At the end all they’re left with is the bittersweet memory of their desire and the fear they may never truly find such deep intimacy again.

9 ½ Weeks


Starring Kim Basinger who plays Elizabeth, 9 ½ Weeks tells the story of a divorced New York art gallery assistant, who starts dating Wall Street trader John (played by young Mickey Rourke) only to soon enough find she got more than she initially bargained for. Their relationship quickly escalates into what resembles a sexual obsession and domination game. The bold overtones of sado-masochism of John’s sexual games leave both Elizabeth (and the audience) wanting more, until at the verge of an emotional breakdown she calls it quits after only 9 ½ weeks!


Brideshead Revisited

Unaccustomed to the world of privilege, Oxford student Charles Ryder falls enchanted with the power and opulence of the Brideshead country house and its residents. In a story of forbidden love and ambition, Charles finds himself at a crossroad between romance and religious conflict in a pre- Second World War England.

La Grande Bellezza


Coming to Rome at the age of 26, Jep Gambardella was seduced by the spirit and vivacity of its nightlife and lavish parties. After a sudden shock on his 65th birthday, the many decades of opulence no longer seem enough and he findes him wanting more to life. He leaves it all behind in a search to rediscover all the exquisite beauty he loved and cherished a lifetime ago.

In the House


A teacher looking for inspiration becomes an accomplice to the dangerous prying and storytelling of his student Claude who, yarning for acceptance, infiltrates his classmates’ ordinary at-sight family. As his story crosses over to the dangerous territory of seduction and manipulation the tale that frightens yet excited his literary mentor.


Wild Orchid


Sent to Rio de Janeiro to secure a deal, attorney Emily Reed gets more than she bargained for when she meets self-made millionaire James Wheeler, whose charm and perverse sexual tastes hold the key to a bittersweet affair of a lifetime. Exploring the city’s sensual secrets, locked in a struggle of dominance and control, the two walk a thin line between romance and sexploitation.