March and April mark a golden period for Aries. All the planning, discussion and dreaming ends now. Listen to your intuition and believe that you are well prepared for bold and spontaneous decisions.

March is a perfect time to start your most ambitious and daring projects. For some of you, it will be a phenomenal business success; for others - new and interesting acquaintances or long-awaited independence from people and obligations. The period is ideal for revealing your leadership qualities.

Until March 6, your ruling planet Mars is in a powerful position in Capricorn, so be careful not to show undue arrogance and disrespect.


In March, you will be looking for intellectual stimulation and connection with others regarding ideas and large-scale projects. Your ruling planet Venus transits through Aquarius, bringing innovative thinking, vast ideas and easy communication. Therefore, you will be attracted to people with a quick mind and extensive knowledge.

You will feel inspired to try new things, such as exploring new professional fields, destinations or eating habits. However, this scattering can lead to a rapid change of topics and intentions and a shift in directions that may not lead you anywhere.

Emotionally, you will be much more tempted by platonic relationships, friendly conversations, laughter and a good time rather than a serious romance.


In March, you will face a serious challenge - to shape and draw new boundaries. March begins with the coincidence of your planet Mercury with Saturn in Aquarius, which inevitably requires a change.

This will be very difficult for you, as you find it hard to accept all kinds of borders. But it is essential and will mark new ways to communicate, work and enter into relationships. Believe that it is you who determines your perception of the world, not that part of you, that reacts as designed and demanded by others.

The period is extremely favourable to invest in yourself. Everything that boosts your self-esteem is welcomed.


This month, strong impulses to work will be followed by fatigue and a desire to rest and hide safely.

Your inner fears are your weak spot, and you have to learn to overcome them. The fact is that getting out of the shell is a challenge for any Cancer-born. Take a deep breath and trust that everything happens for a reason.

Use the spring energy to change your thinking patterns and find new motivations.

The time is perfect for all kinds of detox diets, which will help your body eliminate unnecessary anxiety.


In March, you will learn the true meaning of partnerships and the power of sharing your ideas. Remember, you don't have to be in the limelight to shine.

Have faith in your dreams, and they will take you exactly where you want to be. However, you cannot achieve it alone. Seek support. In the creative process and communication, you will discover new traits in yourself.


In March, there is an air of change and newness. It is time to throw away everything unnecessary that consumes your energy.

The positive effect of the spring transformation in you will be enhanced by the direct movement of your ruling planet Mercury. You will feel an influx of new ideas, a desire for change and a need for new challenges.

There is a lot of enthusiasm and passion in love, which won't necessarily lead to something serious, but who wants that anyway.


The March skies mark the beginning of an extremely good period for you. You will feel overwhelmed with happiness.

Your planet ruler Venus has come out of Capricorn and is already in Aquarius, bringing a headwind.

You will feel high levels of energy, even if you are expending a lot, your emotions will be more intense, and your goals will become bolder.

You will change and expand your boundaries, becoming more idealistic, tolerant and accepting, which will lead to spirituality and lightness in your relationships.


March brings transformations.

It is time to build new patterns of thinking that bring you more independence and confidence.

Pluto is in the last degrees of Capricorn, and you need to feel power, control and success.

Its retrograde movement brings all your deeply hidden feelings and desires to the surface and inevitably encourages you to process them in the direction of creating a positive and healthy mental environment.

If you have a painful experience from the past that hinders your proper perception of the world, expect it to be unlocked and brought to light.


March begins with positivity and enthusiasm. Forget your problems and let the spring energy fill you with audacity and freedom to realize your plans. Set high goals that will challenge you to show the best in yourself.

Don't allow yourself to be involved in conflicts and misunderstandings in the office or with your family. In such situations, spread your positive vibes and solve the problems with your skills, professional and intellectual experience.

In love, pay attention to the needs of your loved ones. Trust your family and your partner to motivate you to realize your full potential.


March begins with the powerful conjunction of Venus, Mars and Pluto in your sign. This fusion of energies will set the tone for teamwork and successful collaboration throughout the month.

Now is the time to start large-scale business projects because you will count on responsible and meaningful partnerships. New ideas, ambition and your signature self-discipline and the persistent pursuit of goals will help in these endeavours. Whatever you start now is doomed to great success.

Your love life is back on track. 


This is a dynamic month for Aquarius, but don't worry, it's not you, it's Mercury that rests in your sign until March 11.

This is a good time to work on your personal growth - finish your education or start something new that will enrich you with different perspectives.

Your heightened curiosity can lead you to new social circles. Inspired by new contacts and areas of communication, many of you will start learning foreign languages.

It is possible to start a relationship with an unexpected partner.


The Sun is in your sign until March 20 and will strengthen your faith and intuition.

The delicate energy you carry is often the reason you feel hurt and defenceless. That is why you are endowed with strong intuition, to judge people and situations without much explanation.

Your instincts will be increased to the maximum during this period, and you can trust them completely.

The positive aspects of the Sun in Pisces and Uranus in the sign of Taurus will give you more will and perseverance to pursue goals while maintaining the tenderness and harmony between you and the world around you.