June is filled with sunny skies. Jupiter has begun its transit in your sign bringing optimism and strength to make crucial decisions. There are many areas of your life you would like to improve. Your action has great potential, but you need to invest time, love and attention.

Jupiter brings faith, a strong sense of justice and good luck. Now is a good time for big plans and bold dreams, but you need to decide which road to take and what changes to make. The pursuit of success is intensified by your planet Mars, which enters its own sign.

Mars in Aries will give you the courage to face your fears. Beware of intentional obstacles - you will have difficulties dealing with hidden enemies, deliberate insincerity and emotional manipulations.

As far as your love life is concerned, do not go to extremes if you wish to establish trust and respect in your relationship.


By June 16, Mercury is returning retrograde in your sign. Make the most of this opportunity to correct and align your thoughts and priorities.

This step back is vital to adapt to your new aspirations and expanded consciousness. Everything that has left your life, such as relationships and attitudes, will be replaced by new and better opportunities. The realisation of ideas and projects has never been so easy.

The retrograde motion of Mercury in Taurus will make you much more sensitive and focused, bringing you closer to your true self.

Any physical activity or beauty treatment will give you much more pleasure than usual.


On May 21, the Sun entered your sign to bring you more strength and inspiration.

The retrograde motion of your ruler, Mercury, in Taurus brings an unexpected gift – a clear vision of your future and total control of your decisions. You will quickly realise your desire for stability and financial results with a bit of perseverance and hard work. This is an excellent time to carry out business negotiations.

Share your dreams and plans without worrying that they will be stolen or misunderstood. On the contrary, you will attract the necessary supporters to make them come true.

In your relationships, be generous to your friends and loved ones.


In June, you will feel more receptive and empathetic. Yet, you will constantly wonder whether you are too caring or you can give more. The truth is that even the slightest gesture to friends, colleagues, and even strangers, leaves its mark.

In love, you will be able to connect on a deeper level with your partner, and you will start considering new, long-term projects together. 

Your care and patience will be your secret weapons, not only personally but also professionally. Therefore, work slowly and methodically towards your priorities.

If it is financial well-being – look for new sources of income. If this is your family – spend more time with them.


Bold, beautiful and successful – you are slowly revealing your true nature. In June, what you need will come to you, leaving anything unnecessary behind. You are going through a stage of mastering your strengths and creative energy.

You will notice how life situations will separate you from specific business partners. Don't worry about them. All the workplace stress will lead to new projects and quick success. Now is the time to push where you think is needed, and your efforts will be recognised.

You will reach new levels of pleasure and passion with your intimate partner. Listen to your body and follow its rhythm.


June brings the needed abundance of energy as you are in your busiest period. Try to save time and resources by not chaotically engaging in various activities. The period is good for perfecting your plans and making them more practical and easier to implement.

The retrograde motion of your ruler, Mercury, in Taurus will increase the need to see your goals materialised. You can achieve success through conscious decisions and teamwork.


A golden time for Libras. Their ruler, Venus, is already in its territory in Taurus, bringing a period of materialisation and revelation that will transform you into your dream version. Now you can complete the projects you are working on in the best possible way.

This transit will make you take a step back and enjoy your life. However, there will be a change in terms of what you value – you will seek sincerity and communicate your feelings directly.

Your constant search for beauty motivates your choices and will lead you to unexpected places and insights.


Be sincere with yourself and others, and you will be successful and rewarded.

Your long journey to the secrets of the subconscious and the overcoming of fears and prejudices continues. Be true to yourself and accept that there will always be something to lose. This is the only way to succeed. 

It is a good time to start on a path of radical change from the ground up. Perhaps you will need to leave a stable job to jump on a new, tempting opportunity. But, do it only if you are fully aware of what you want.

People will continue to leave your life, and you will find yourself in new and completely unfamiliar territories. It is essential to remind yourself that this is not a loss but a release from relationships that do not work for you.


June will see you struggling in many battles throughout the month.

Your ruler, Jupiter, has already entered Aries to fill you with courage and faith in your own abilities. Many of you will reach a new level in your professional and personal development. It only takes a dose of audacity to put the finishing touches on successful self-declaration and triumph.

However, you have to be very careful here, as, during this transit, the energy you receive will lead to an increased desire for power and influence. Be careful and do not enter battles at all costs.

Bring to light the best of you – the nobility that will prevent you from going to extremes. Remember not to criticise or make hasty decisions.

Do not turn your ideas into a definite goal, and always consider whether every victory deserves what you are ready to sacrifice.


In June, you will be active and resourceful. Opportunities are everywhere, and the winning strategy for you is to be observant and fast enough to grab them.

If, for some reason, you let others make the decisions for you, now is the time to be proactive and set the rules for yourself.

No matter how motivated you are to act, the transit of Venus to Taurus this month strongly affects all the earth signs, including you. Even Capricorns will become much more sensual and actively seek pleasure and emotional experiences during this period.

In love, you will feel a strong need for physical contact and communication with your partner. Just be careful not to direct your possessive instincts towards them.


Now is the time to be unattainable in your ideas and priorities.

The energy of the Sun in Gemini makes you much more active and communicative. Still, now it is important to focus on more specific things and analyse every piece of information. Do not scatter, but find and develop new friendships and joint projects, as they will turn into a source of inspiration and resources in the long run.

Your focus is on realising that you can't feel good if those around you aren't. Your biggest challenge is to be a visionary and try to convince others to follow you.


It takes courage to allow yourself to be happy, and this is your main challenge right now.

With Neptune in your sign, you will feel the desire to do things that please you. Try to make beautiful gestures to yourself every day.

You are entering a wonderful period of self-knowledge and personal growth. The coincidence of Venus with Uranus, from June 6 to 14, will bring a notion to be brave and more open to yourself and others. It may seem scarry, but the best thing you can do is, simply, experience it.