Keywords: communicative, playful
Motto: "I think."
Ruler: Mercury
Element: Air
Colour: Light Green, Yellow
Quality: Mutable
Sun sign dates: May 21st – June 20th

On May 21st, we are welcoming the most joyful and fundamentally dynamic sign of them all.

Gemini is ruled by Mercury – the mind’s planet. It determines how we communicate, think, and even learn. For Gemini, it means that their intellect is dynamic, deeply curious, and witty. They love to be surrounded by people and don’t mind long conversations over a glass of wine. They are great at parties because they are both fun and witty, but they also don't want to be the centre of attention. 

Generally, Geminis are dreamy and intuitive. They are likely to fantasize a lot, but materializing their fantasies is a completely different situation. They are naturally curious, and their energy is often scattered in a million directions, so they quickly lose interest in long-term goals, which require consistency and hard work. Be sure, that a Gemini-born will always do the thinking, but when it comes to acting, they might require some external push. 

Venus is in Gemini until June 2nd, bringing you direct access to all your natural superpowers. It will affect the way you are communicating your ideas, making you more convincing than ever. This is an especially fruitful period for business negotiations, but also for flirting and making new friends. You should just let passion guide you to the most wonderful months of the year so far.

Venus helps in love as well. You will have a desire for indulgence in your romantic relationship, something you haven’t felt for a while. Enjoy the nice sunny days with your partner, go on dates, rediscover yourselves in conversations, share secrets you’ve never shared before, go wild for a night, and you will find out that love is still going strong in your veins.

No one is doing vacations as you do. So, it’s time to pack your bags and get the most out of your WFH situation.

BY FAR Muses: Hyomin T-ara