This is a period of self-assessment and setting new goals. The time is perfect for finalising projects and letting go of relationships that have played their role so far. Start planning a new beginning, as it will bring new motivation.

In February, your planet-ruler Mars transits through Capricorn, which will increase your desire to declare yourself. Learning to control this energy will give you patience and endurance to fulfil your goals.

Healing will be the focus of your love life as well. This is a turning point for ending on-and-off relationships and starting new ones.


Uranus turned into direct motion in your sign at the end of January, giving you the courage to make definitive decisions.

Returning to its direct movement, Uranus will push you to solve severe problems in personal and professional relationships.

Your efforts to get rid of everything unnecessary will be highly productive. The energy of Uranus will push you out of your comfort zone, provoking radical changes. You will have to give up your most rigid habits in order to evolve.

In love, this emancipation will lead to new and unexpected encounters.

February is filled with unexpected and highly profitable job opportunities. You are entering a constructive and successful period that will see the beginning of new and meaningful endeavours. Try to focus on your goals and not pay attention to promises.

Mercury is in direct motion, so it is a good time to start new projects and activities. Your ruling planet will help you communicate smoothly and effectively, bringing more opportunities, understanding and results. Feel free to sign the necessary contracts and agreements. Negotiations for new partnerships are good, particularly in advertising and communications.

Mercury is pushing you to make concrete decisions leading to a moment of clarity in your love life.

In February, the ability to follow your path and choose the most appropriate moment of action will lead you to successful endeavours. Bet on your intuition. The transit of Neptune in Pisces amplifies it to the point that you hear it in yourself as an inner voice.

The period is ideal for turning inwards, looking at your ideas from all angles and outlining the steps for their realisation. Your empathy will help you surround yourself with the right people.

Try not to get lost in your own fears – even if you make a mistake, the experience you gain is invaluable. It is time to start relying on your judgment and the people around you.

Balancing between career and family will be difficult in February. Now, you need to learn to set priorities. The retrograde motion of Venus until early March will start a period of high stress and tension in your financial life and personal relationships.

Be extremely careful if you are about to close an important deal or enter new partnerships.

Assess the risk wisely and slow down a bit. On the other hand, invest more effort and time in clarifying the contradictions in your family.

In love, the retrograde motion of Venus can bring back someone from your past, along with forgotten emotions and accusations. It is good to accept them, make sense of them and move forward fully present in your future relationships.


If you had problems at work at the beginning of 2022 - misunderstandings with colleagues or unfinished commitments, then things will fall into place in February. With good organisation and discipline, you will cope with the challenges.

As you seek perfection in every action, you will often feel nervous and tense. Avoid these high expectations because they make you too critical and repulse the people around you.

Extremeness and intransigence may lead to health problems, so find ways to take care of your body and relax.

Things will be calm in your love life as long as you realise that no one is perfect. Allow your partner to make mistakes and enjoy the moment.

In February, you will be able to strengthen your leadership positions.

Teamwork is good, especially if you run a family business. You will achieve success if you prove that you can lead, listen, and consider other people's opinions.

This month, keep your ego aside, or you will fall out of communication and will have to return to the beginning.

The direct motion of Venus in Capricorn will bring a new business opportunity filled with potential. Rely on your excellent communication skills to carry out the negotiations and turn them into a successful partnership.

The process of abandoning bad habits and attachments continues. The energy of the Sun, which is already in Aquarius, promotes creativity and imagination in your everyday life.

Follow the impulse for emancipation from people, opinions and situations that no longer work for you. After February 4, Mercury and Venus coming out of a retrograde motion make a concrete contribution to it. You will become independent of your limitations and aware of being able to carry on counting on yourself.

It is the moment to take risks. Don't be afraid to share your bold ideas knowing that you can realise them.

However, don't rely on your self-confidence in your love life. Avoid pressuring your partner and demanding too much of them just because you've achieved a lot.

February is filled with opportunities to be seized. You will feel empowered with the strength and determination needed to bring new projects to fruition.

The direct motion of Venus will begin to unravel the problems you have had in your personal and professional relationships.

You will feel strong enough to move forward on your own and take responsibility for your feelings and actions, which may unleash unspoken thoughts, dissatisfaction and accusations.

Carefree and spontaneous, you will have the courage to clear misunderstandings with your partner. If you are sincere, you will lay the foundation for a more accomplished relationship.

In February, Mars passes from Sagittarius to Capricorn. Mars will be in exaltation as it transits through Capricorn, bringing you a chance to test your willpower, achieve your goals in the best possible way and unleash your potential.

It is best to complete ongoing projects during this time, as afterwards, you will have to focus on new beginnings.

The destructive power and strong ambitions of Mars will be softened during this period. You will cultivate your workaholism and find more constructive ways to rest and still achieve fantastic results.

Your positive attitude will lead to excellent outcomes and great satisfaction.

You continue to release old traits that pull you back, bringing your different and eccentric side to light.

Focus on sincere and mutually beneficial relationships and be careful with the people surrounding you. For some of you, the relationships and projects you start now will contribute to your future professional realisation and employment.

However, the Sun in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus are a combination that can lead to changes in leadership roles.

Don't worry! Focusing on honesty and trust in your relationships will allow you to stay true to yourself and your professional decisions.

Focus on your plans in February. Mars in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces will bring success to those of you who are involved in medicine, psychology, art. It is time to lay the groundwork for new projects.

Over the past month, the retrograde motion of Mercury and Venus made you want to move forward but also pulled you back. It's time to assess situations and changes that have taken place recently. You need to focus on the darkest parts of your soul, accept them, and move forward toward your better self. Only then you will have the necessary lessons and experiences for a fresh start facing new challenges.