Keywords: ambitious, decisive
Motto: I use.
Ruler: Saturn
Element: Earth
Colour: Pure White, Aqua Blue
Quality: Cardinal
Sun sign dates: December 22nd – January 19th

It’s the end of the year, and we’ve finally reached the wisest sign in the zodiac - that of Capricorn. Their motto is "I use" meaning they can succeed in anything they put their mind to. And this is the ultimate truth – Capricorns are capable of great things, but they just can't stand mediocrity and a job half done.

Capricorns are independent, determined and responsible, with a great desire for success and a strong motivation to pursue goals. That is why there are many Capricorns with leadership roles – it’s on the top where they can be easily noticed and evaluated.

In December, Mercury, the planet of thought and communication, passes through the sign of Capricorn, which will be extremely favourable for them. Mercury will bring them professional success, will make them more practical, analytical and much more focused on the detail in the pursuit of their goals. The more diligent and responsible they are in this period, the more they will achieve and will enter the new 2021 with fresh ideas and plenty of experience.

On December 17th, Saturn entered the sign of Aquarius, bringing new ideas and inspiration for Capricorns. It will give them a strong impulse to break free from old thought patterns and the audacity to pursue their goals.

On December 19th, Jupiter entered Aquarius as well, reminding us to expect the unexpected. For Capricorns, the unexpected may refer to the discovery of love in the eyes of someone they haven’t noticed so far.

December 30th marks a beautiful ending of this rather challenging year with a Full Moon. Let's hope that its light will bring love and dreams come true!!!

BY FAR Muses: Irina Shayk, Michelle Obama, Jennie Kim