This is the perfect time to invite novelties into your life. Get ready for new contacts, new opportunities and new experiences.

Your planet ruler, Mars, is in Gemini until April 24th and makes its great alliance with the Sun in your sign. For all Aries, it’s the time to achieve important goals and start activities related to your intellectual development.

Your courage, determination and mind strength will reward you generously, and you will see the results by the end of the year. Every day, even a small step forward will take you much higher and closer to your dreams.

In April, even the smallest efforts will be recognized and will lead to transformation. It is also important to find more time for yourself and your friends.

BY FAR Muse : Matilda Djerf

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Supported by Mars, you are ready for new and exciting adventures. You will feel curious, resourceful, witty and ready to move forward. This is an ideal time to communicate, learn and discover new opportunities.

Mercury and Uranus are in your sign and will fill you with new impulses and revolutionary ideas. Even if they seem too brave for you now, keep them in mind because soon they’ll be priceless and will take you higher than you’ve ever imagined.

It’s time to take your relationship to the next level – even if you had any hesitations in the past, now, you know what you want.

Allow yourself to be more vulnerable and reveal yourself without fear of being hurt. Love is an opportunity to relax and be yourself.

BY FAR Muse : Hailey Bieber

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In April, you will want to be surrounded by more sensitive, romantic, understanding and supportive people. This is the perfect time for new projects related to charity.

When surrounded by like-minded people you can create miracles – you become convincing, creative and inspiring.

Singles will most likely continue to be single, but maybe that’s for the better for now.

For those of you in a relationship, there are wonderful moments ahead – think of a picnic with your loved one with a good book and delicious food.

BY FAR Muse : Hyomin T-ara

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For you, spring is a period of financial stability and successful professional projects. You will finally receive the deserved praise for all your efforts over the last few months.

If you’re running your own business, you will receive an offer for collaboration, an opportunity for additional financing or you will conduct successful negotiations that will bring you good income in the future.

In April, Venus and the Sun merge in Aries, which makes anything possible for you. If you aren’t satisfied with your work, relationships or the lifestyle you have – get up and do something to change it.

This applies in full force to your love life as well. If you are single, look around and expect the unexpected.

BY FAR Muse : Ola Farahat

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The stars are promising luck, love and an influx of money for you in April.

At the beginning of the month, a wonderful stroke of luck is coming in your direction through friends or partners. So don’t shy away from meetings and conversations with the people around you.

The month is very fruitful for those of you who work with clients because communication will be easy and pleasant for both parties, and you will easily achieve your goals.

Those in a relationship, will be rewarded with good moments with their loved ones. You will find new and unsuspected qualities in them that will amaze and inspire you and make you even fall deeper in love if that’s even possible!

BY FAR Muse : Kylie Jenner

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If you feel restless, this is perfectly normal. This is a great time to do more of the things you love, to take care of your health and to find new passions. Remember that you don’t need to be in full control of everything. This moment calls for expanding your horizons and making important changes – why don’t you take a vacation?

If you are single, challenge your destiny!

Do exactly what is unthinkable for you – without long planning and consideration of the details embark on a new adventure. You will meet many interesting people and have magical moments, but only if you take the risk!

BY FAR Muse : Kaia Gerber

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If you have children, spend more time with them in April – do something fun together, travel, play sports, attend interesting events. In the middle of the month, you will see excellent results in your work life, especially if it involves communication.

Mercury is in Pisces until April 19th, making you more sensitive and vulnerable than usual.

It will be more difficult for you to express your feelings with words, try with some art form instead such as poetry, dance, music, drawing.

In love, you will be much more sensual and passionate – you won’t analyze and ask questions but instead, leave your body and actions do the talking.

BY FAR Muse : Bella Hadid

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Inspiration and energy will be the keywords for you in April.

If you like what you do at work and are enthusiastic, you will achieve great results – especially if you are creative. Use spring as an inspiration.

Move your centre from your inner self to the outside – don’t focus on your desires and fears but look for balance elsewhere.

Meditation or yoga classes will have a beneficial effect on you. They will fill you with positive energy and help you accept the things you don’t like.

For you, the best medicine is love, and you have it in large doses!

BY FAR Muse : Elsa Hosk

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Until mid-April, Venus is in Aries and will bring you a lot of passion and determination to ask for and get what you want in terms of love, money and entertainment.

April is starting great for you! You will feel positive and will spread your positive energy everywhere. You will have the desire and ability to exchange ideas with your colleagues, resulting in finding non-standard solutions for existing problems and realizing new projects.

Love will appear miraculously in the middle of the month. A new acquaintance will grow into a beautiful and stormy love affair that will make spring even more exciting.

BY FAR Muse : Zoe Kravitz

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Venus and the Sun start a very successful and important month for Capricorns. It’s time to fulfil your dreams.

In April, you will demonstrate your leadership qualities. Invite more freedom and independence into your life – break away from your routine and doubts, and act.

Venus in Aries will bring you strength and passion, which will make you restless. Now, you have to be brave, because it is up to you to decide how far you will go.

You will hardly have enough time for love and entertainment, but steal some for pleasant conversations, romantic emotions and laughter.

BY FAR Muse : Irina Shayk

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It is a time for self-development – invest in yourself and improving your skills.

In April, you will be full of innovative ideas. Collaborate with like-minded people on long-term projects in areas such as retail, advertising, production and technology.

Spring is the perfect time to get involved in various social projects. Some of you will start charitable initiatives, while others will dedicate their time to long conversations with friends. Whether you are discussing your problems or just talking, the time spent with friends is invaluable for every Aquarius.

BY FAR Muse : Emma Roberts

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Until April 19th, Mercury will be in your sign. During this transit, it may be difficult for you to stay focused. On the other hand, your imagination, intuition and sensitivity will increase enormously.

Mercury in Pisces is an excellent opportunity to awaken and express your creative potential. This will sharpen your intuition, which will help you see if someone is not loyal to your relationship.

During this month, those of you engaged in any form of art will realize successful creative projects. Let the imagination be your best friend, and remember – the sky is the limit.

BY FAR Muse : Caroline Daur

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