new season mood booster

new season mood booster

Although we are still wondering what we will be doing in 2021, below we have outlined the colours we will be wearing as guaranteed mood-boosters to help us face with a smile all the challenges that are ahead.

For months now we can’t stop thinking of the pieces we want to wear immediately when things get back to normal (whenever this might happen). From flirty colours to the coquettish Bougie bag, BY FAR’s CR21 responds to the new desire for tactile, exotic luxury.

Inspired by a heightened sense of joie de vivre, the collection introduces a maximalist yet carefully curated palette. Cool Lagoon blue and vivacious Pomodoro red are the perfect match for impromptu city breaks and romantic getaways to far-flung destinations. These euphoric colours will lend day-to-night versatility to easy slip dresses and neutral linens — just add an ice-cold Negroni to finish. Lively, saturated colour is offset by fashion-forward latte, khaki and matcha green hues to evoke calmness and a lightness of touch.

Every new season, some trends fall out, while others emerge, and the same goes for the colours in fashion. See below which are the colours we are tired of and the ones we’ll be rocking soon.

Skip: Cerulean

Wear: Aqua Blue & Lagoon

Closer to green than blue, aqua is a refreshing and uplifting colour. It is creative and light-hearted, yet strong and individual. It also encourages inner healing, enhances empathy, and shows care. Lagoon blue, on the other hand, is associated with a naturally adventurous personality. It is the colour of the tenacious achievers that are constantly looking for the next challenge to conquer.

Try: Liliana Lagoon Circular Croco Embossed Leather and Mini Rachel Aqua Blue Croco Embossed Leather

Skip: Yellow

Wear: Custard & Honey

Custard is a shade of yellow resembling the colour of custard. With that said, it should be the colour of happiness. Honey is a way sweeter and more calming kind of yellow but will make you equally happy. We love them worn with pastel outfits or to inject some colour in more neutral looks. 

Try: Nayla Honey Gloss Leather and Baby Amber Custard Croco Embossed Leather 

Skip: Hot pink

Wear: Fuchsia

An eye-catching medley of purple and red that commands attention, fuchsia is known as the colour of maturity and certainty. Named for the flower of the fuchsia plant, it’s been around for more than a century. We love it paired with cool, dark colours for a sophisticated look with a drop of arrogant attitude, but we also find it kind of overwhelming when too much, so we stick just with accessories in fuchsia for now.

Try: Liliana Fuchsia Circular Croco Embossed Leather  and Mini Fuchsia Circular Croco Embossed Leather

Skip: Bordeaux

Wear: Pomodoro

While red is the colour of passion and drama, Pomodoro red is a shade that brings absolutely no drama with it. It is so sweet you can almost taste it, as well as vibrant, stimulating and exciting. We advise you to match your nail polish with your accessories in Pomodoro red.

Try: Tiffany Pomodoro Circular Croco Embossed Leather  and Rachel Pomodoro Circular Croco Embossed Leather 

Skip: Emerald

Wear: Grass

If you like green, then you’ll love the grass green. While green relates to balance and harmony, grass green is way better, known as the colour of money. It is also confident and secure, so if you want to invite luck and wellbeing in your life, invest in a mini bag in grass green hue.  

Try: Baby Amber Grass Croco Embossed Leather   and Mini Rachel Grass Croco Embossed Leather

Skip: Nude

Wear: Clay

Closer to grey than beige, clay is an earthy shade associated with simplicity and comfort. If you loathe beige because it’s not that enchanting, clay is going to be your neutral BF, embodying individuality and fostering tranquillity.

Try: Mini Rachel Clay Circular Croco Embossed Leather

Skip: Pistachio

Wear: Matcha

Matcha is a bright green hue, a symbol of peace, harmony and happiness. In Japan, it also represents youth, eternity, vitality and energy. We love it with pastel hues, as well as with all kinds of animal prints.

Try: Mini Rachel Matcha Croco Embossed Leather and Amber Matcha Croco Embossed Leather 

Skip: Cream

Wear: Wheat

Wheat light yellow hue. It is the colour of enlightenment and creativity. It helps to clear the mind and encourages new ideas. Its contrast with dark colours in the most stunning style combinations. 

Try: Rachel Wheat Croco Embossed Leather  and Liliana Wheat Croco Embossed Leather

Skip: Caramel and Red Glitter

Wear: Bougie prints

This season is all about the fun colour combinations that give us life and our range of Bougie bags has them all – black and oat, fuchsia and dark brown and our favourite, tiger print. Just pick one and let it do the talking. 

Try: Bougie Black and Oat Suede and Bougie Tiger-Print Pony Hair Leather