Cure the Autumn Blues

Cure the Autumn Blues

Don't be afraid of colours, because there is nothing scary about them.


Do you feel like you are stuck in a world of greige? Neutrals are forever wardrobe staples – classic, timeless, stylish and cool. But colours are what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Wearing the right colour can do amazing things for your skin tone or hair colour. But if you are not used to it, don't dive in headfirst by throwing on the first bright piece you see.

There are many ways to incorporate more colour into your wardrobe, that might seem overwhelming, but if you start small and build from there, you will succeed in a big way.

The simplest one of them is to add a bright handbag or bold shoe to your outfit, and we have plenty of them. Just look through our list of the hottest colour options for fall and choose the ones that will best flatter your overall appearance.


Mules: Alla Cognac Silk 

This is the softest kind of brown and the easiest way to move from all-natural to natural with a luxury twist outfit. It's neutral, earthy, composed of shades of red and brown and associated with wealth and stateliness.

Pastel Pink


Bag: Mini Pastel Pink Grained Leather

Pastel pink suggests tenderness, care, calmness and female strength. It will make a statement but not as bold as the hot pink. We love it styled with darker colours like brown, blue and black.

Hot Pink 

Shoes: Erin Hot Pink Grained Leather, Bags: Baby Amber & Mini Hot Pink Grained Leather 

Hot pink has a history of being used widely throughout the punk community and is now attached to a more aggressive and rebellious sentiment. It is an easy way to add impact to a neutral outfit, but when you feel like having an extra good time, match it with a dress in bold colours like green or blue.

Pistachio and Melon Green


Bags: Lora Pistachio Grained Leather, Uma Mini Melon Semi Patent Leather

Of all shades of green, pistachio is perhaps the noblest. It is a pale yellow-green that brings a delicate, soft touch to an outfit. It looks equally as good paired with other pastels, as it does with contrasting colours. Beige and light grey, in particular, will complement the soft, light pistachio beautifully. If you want to spotlight it, add a darker hue to your outfit.

Peony Pink

Bag: Mini Rachel Peony Grained Leather

Peony pink is quite a gentle colour, and it's our lightest shade of pink. It symbolises good luck and prosperity and is so sophisticated paired with neutrals like beige and grey. It will also inject a dose of femininity in all masculine outfits like dark grey tailoring, or the classic jeans and a white shirt.


Shoes: Desiree Emerald Grained Leather; Bag: Miranda Emerald Snake Print Leather

Emerald green has been valued by the painters of the 19th century for its vivid tone and excellent stability. It is light and bright, with a faint bluish cast and symbolizes balance and harmony. We love it for its versatility, as you can easily combine it with anything you like from burgundy, to mustard and navy blue, as well as with black and white and even pastels and metallic hues.


Bag: Mini Rachel Lilac Circular Croco Embossed Leather

Lilac is a soft, pale shade of purple. Unlike lavender, lilac has a pink tint to it, that puts it towards the warm end of the colour wheel. It is considered feminine and graceful colour, often associated with romance and affection, also strongly linked to creativity. It pairs unexpectedly awesome with lime green, but if that sounds too bold for you, liven up a dark neutral look with a lilac baguette.


Shoes: Kersti Cerulean Cashmere Suede; Bag: Mini Rachel Cerulean Cashmere Suede

Cerulean is a shade of blue ranging between azure and a darker sky blue. It is the shade worn by Anne Hathaway in The Devil Wears Prada, that becomes the subject of a lecture by Meryl Streep, on the lineage and influence on cerulean in the fashion industry. Although it was in fact fabricated by the scriptwriters, the "cerulean blue" theory is as relevant today, as it was in 2006. That said, it became a must-have colour for every fashion-forward wardrobe.


If you feel like making more of a statement, why don't you try prints? They are one of those cyclical trends that never go out of style and are more wearable than you think.

Cow and Zebra Prints

Bags: Martin Zebrina Beige Leather; Baby Amber Cow-Print Pony Hair Leather

Basically, these are the most effortless prints to wear. Everything goes with cow and zebra print, while they are still more exciting than a standard black-and-white pattern. You will never go wrong pairing them with neutrals, but if you want to make an impression, try styling them with colours or go beyond – with other prints.

Caramel and Red Glitter

Bags: Baby Amber Caramel Glitter; Baby Amber Red Glitter Patent Leather

Step up your style game in a tonal look, punched with bold accessories like these two. But, of course, never worn together.


Shoes: Dylan Black Leather and Crystals

If after this colour bomb you feel ready to go full rainbow, we won't stop you, but we'll suggest again - start small and build from there, like with these mules with crystal embellishments in a sparkling rainbow. Add jeans, an oversized blazer, and you are good to go!