BY FAR’s Top 90s-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

BY FAR’s Top 90s-inspired Halloween Costume Ideas

We are pretty done with 2020, although we are not sure if 2020 is over us, yet. But anyway, it’s nearly Halloween, which means it is almost Christmas, so it is practically almost 2021, and we like it!

As easy as we jumped into the future, we are taking you back in time to our favourite moment of the past – the 90s and the early 00s. The decades that brought us Friends, Spice Girls, the Internet and so much more. Is there anything not to love about it? Don’t answer! Which leads to our next question – is there a better way to channel your favourite decade, (except wearing your BY FAR accessories all the time, of course), than Halloween?! As the answer is clear, we prepared the ultimate list of 90s Halloween Costume inspirations for you, so you’ll just need to pick one, dress up, take a picture, post it and wait for the likes to follow.


Rachel Green  

 Rachel Bag

We bet you didn’t expect that! We chose Rachel for her indomitable style – preppy, sexy and 100% covetable. She embodies that laid-back 90s vibe we are so obsessed with. You probably already own most of Rachel’s wardrobe, so it won’t be hard for you to pull this off, just don’t forget to top it off with a Rachel bag in the end.


Regina George (or Cady, or Karen, or Gretchen)


Stevie 42 Boots

There will be no 00s-inspired anything without Mean Girls, and because we don’t want to choose between Rachel McAdams, Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert we decided to draw inspiration from the Talent Show scene where they are all dressed the same. Probably, it is the easiest costume to create, reusing your Christmas decoration from the previous years. Just start with the Stevie 42 boots and build up from there.


Dionne and Cher

Dionne: Edie Boots and Martin Bag; Cher: Edie Boots and Eve Bag

 Everything that we love about the 90s comes back to this movie, and yet the most memorable character in Clueless is the costume design, which still feels relevant 25 years down the line. We chose the checked suits from the opening scene that we will upgrade with two pairs of Edie boots, a Martin bag for Dionne and an Eve bag for Cher. Voila. Ultimate BFF costume goals.


Courtney a.k.a. Satan in Heels


Mindy Sandals, Uma Bag, Lora bag

 If you want to recreate a good-looking bad girl, choose one from the ‘Flawless Four’. Although it wasn’t a hit at the box office when it was released in 1999, Jawbreaker ended up being a classic teen movie that is beloved by many still today for its remarkable and sexy outfits with a vintage vibe. Actually, most of them were sourced from vintage shops, so head over your favourite local places for vintage fashion for the right clothes and just add a bit of BY FAR on top.



Lisa Rowe


Sofia Boots, Billy bag

Angelina Jolie is the perfect Halloween inspiration – think Maleficent, Lara Croft, Kate in Hackers or Sway in Gone in 60 Seconds, but we have a soft spot for Lisa in Girl, Interrupted. With flared jeans and tight t-shirts, she is very much a rockstar. Put on a coat with fur trim and complete the outfit with Sofia boots and a Billy bag. Boom: you have the cool, laid-back look of the Angelina Jolie’s Oscar-winning character.


Paris and Nicole

Paris: Malene Sandals and Mini Rachel Bag; Nicole: Gina Sandals and Kubi Bag

 If you too believe that people just don’t wear enough denim anymore, raise your hand (or your pitchfork). Then, The Simple Life is your go-to TV show for Halloween inspiration. You can always go way beyond and channel Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears' matching denim-on-denim fashion moment at the 2001 AMAs, but we prefer the ‘simple’ style of Paris and Nicole. Anyway, we might upgrade it a bit with a touch of BY FAR sophistication.


Destiny’s Child

Leo Boots, Mini Rachel Bag

 Gwen Stefani, Avril Lavigne, Christina Aguilera, Spice Girls, they all wore camo in the 90s, but Destiny's Child owned the trend, making it a sartorial sensation. The easiest way to tap into it is by wearing camo shorts and crop top like Beyonce did in the Survivor video.


Elle Woods 

Elsa Sandals, Baby Amber Bag

 While we are waiting for the new Legally Blonde movie, we can’t help but think how we would channel our inner Elle Woods, if we get the chance. So here it is – starting from the bottom up with the Elsa sandals in hot pink and finishing with Baby Amber bag in the same colour.


Corey Mason 

Claude Boots

Liv Tyler's sensational performance in Empire Records made her the ultimate It-girl. 25 years later, her style is just as cool. Rocking a cropped mohair sweater and a mini-kilt, Corey's look conveys innocence, which teeters on the edge of sexual. The combats boots are ultimately what gives her an edge that we will take one step further with the Claude boots.




Liu Sandals, Mini Bag

 Imagine Princess Elsa in a 90s teen movie, and you will probably get Layla (Christina Ricci) in Buffalo ’66. We adore 90s-era Christina – hello, Wednesday Addams and Val from 200 Cigarettes – and Layla is no exception while being so easy to recreate. Put on a mini slip dress and a cardigan – you probably already own them as they are two of the top trends from recent seasons, add glitter tights and matching accessories, and you are already there. Just don’t forget the baby blue eye shadow and the black eyeliner in the end.