Thanks to girls like Irina Shayk, Matilda Djerf, Elsa Hosk and Charlotte McKinney, who’s been toting around their Cush bags for months, the Cush family is quickly turning into one of the biggest fashion cravings for this summer, and now it’s finally time for you to try it on yourself. But how to choose between Cush, Baby Cush and Micro Cush? Take our quiz below to find your perfect match. 

We believe that our style should channel our personality, and the best way to express it is through accessories. So, we’ve prepared few questions to get to know you better and help you pick the Cush bag that suits your unique character best.

What’s your perfect Friday night?

1.Staying in, watching Netflix and shopping online.

2.Date night in a fancy new restaurant.

3.Girls night out.

Your go-to coffee drink is…


2.Matcha Latte

3.Iced Americano

Your favourite splurge is…

1.Vacation getaway 

2.A designer piece

3.Night out  

When do you wake up in the morning?

1.5:30 am
2.7:30 am
3.Not before noon

    If you could guest-star on a tv show, it would be…

    1.Ginny & Georgia/Friends
    2.Gossip Girl

      Your 90s fashion icon is…

      1.Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy
      2.Victoria Beckham
      3.Kate Moss

        Your favourite BY FAR muse is…

        1.Michelle Obama
        2.Matilda Djerf
        3.Bella Hadid

          If you were an emoji, which one would you be?






            Mostly 1s: You’re a Cush

            You will never sacrifice space for style, but you don’t need that much because you are well-organized, and your style is very practical. You need a bag that will sit comfortably on your shoulder while fitting all your essentials for long days on the go. Something that easily switches from desk to dinner, recognisable, but not overpowering. You need a Cush bag in black or white. But if you dare to try some colour like gentle peony, yellow, or papaya, you’ll be surprised how well it will pair with your considered wardrobe.

            Mostly 2s: You’re a Baby Cush

            You gravitate to things that are fashion-forward. You embrace your femininity and like to play with trends and vibes. You only carry the essentials such as a wallet, phone, keys, Airpods and some make-up, but you want them to be polished. You need a bag that’s cool and fresh in a bright colour like Baby Cush in Emerald or Papaya to be the focal point of your outfit. 

            Mostly 3s: You’re a Micro Cush

            You never miss a party and need a bag that will elevate your free spirit but will not come in your way on the dancefloor. Something small that’s easy to grab and go but in an offbeat colour to make you stand out in the club. Micro Cush is the perfect fit for you, especially in spray print. It has room only for keys, a cardholder and lipstick, and you can hook it on your belt, so it will follow your every move while dancing to Peaches.