6 Pedicure Obsessions

6 Pedicure Obsessions

Because, as you know, we have a thing for beautiful feet.

As much as we hate bad hair days, bad pedicure days are our personal beauty nightmare. And although we try not to judge the book by its cover, it’s hard to ignore poorly maintained nails.

A well-executed pedicure is the best shoe accessory and a great confidence booster. Think how your walk changes after you had your nails done. Whether you are a fashionista or you strive for timeless elegance, these are the colours you can’t go wrong with this season.

Classic Red

Let’s start with the classics. Such as red lipstick, red nails are a classic beauty choice. Finding the right shade isn’t always easy though but remember that there is one for every skin tone, nail shape and nail length. It will make you feel feminine and beautiful, bold and daring. Sometimes red may feel too much on you, but don’t worry, because it’s just the right amount of colour to elevate your look.


Photo Credits: @sabinasocol and @micheladan

Nudes are always a great idea. They make your nails look healthy and chic, and go with just anything in your wardrobe. Just match the shade well with your skin tone and stick to it.


Photo Credits: @olivianatalie

When you want something that is cooler than a classic French tip, go with all white. White is fresh, effortless, perfect against your summer tan and it can even feel like a statement accessory. But make no mistake, not all white colours are the same and finding the right shade can be tricky too.

Shades of Blue

Photo Credits: @helenacuesta

And we are done talking about right shades, because there are no rules here. Don’t stick just to the Pantone colour of the year - “classic blue”, but try as many as you like - from soft see blue to cobalt and darker variations.


Photo Credits: @sabinasocol

Black is synonym of red when it comes to nails. It’s eternally sophisticated and screams quiet confidence. It has a long history of being statement accessory for many subcultures, and now can be seen on everyone for different fashion reasons – from teenage girl to lady in her 60s.

Watermelon Pink

One can never go wrong with pink, but there is nothing more summery than watermelon pink and no one knows this better than Harry Styles who is rocking pink nails in his “Watermelon Sugar” video. One thing is for sure, Harry is nail goals, being famous for his bold manicure choices, so we will trust him here.