SHIPPING UPDATES: Please note that the latest CoronaVirus restrictions introduced on the territory of the United Kingdom and imposing the closure of all UK borders do not affect our shipping process.

We only work with DHL Express, so your order will be handled as air freight, which is currently not blocked.

Dear all, 

Our team would like to share some updates, in light of the evolving CoronaVirus situation. 

Firstly, our thoughts go to all affected by the unfortunate events and we are sending all our love to our wonderful community. 

Our main priority will always be the health of our clients and team. And as our online store will always remain open for you, we would like to let you know that we are taking all necessary health measures. Our E-commerce warehouse is working as per the CDC and WHO guidelines, to offer safe environment for all workers and make sure that all packages that are being shipped out, are packed in the safest conditions.
In order to make sure all our warehouse staff is safe, the team is working by a special schedule. Please note that this, as well as the amount of orders received, will cause minor delays (2-3 days) in getting all parcels ready. However, we are making sure that the whole process is running as smoothly as possible. 
As we ship via DHL Express services only, we are monitoring closely the situation with deliveries all around the world. We have been notified that there could be potential delays(1-3 days) and suspended services in certain areas. Our Customer Care team is at your service to provide you with the latest information at Do not hesitate to reach out for any questions you might have. 

Lastly, all our team would like to thank you for your enormous support during these difficult times - we will continue doing all we can to bring you joy! 

The BY FAR family