Keywords: hidden, passionate
Motto: "I wish."
Ruler: Pluto
Element: Water
Quality: Fixed
Colour: Violet, Pomegranate
Sun sign dates: October 23rd - November 21st

On October 23rd, the sun rises in Scorpio – the sign of profound transformation and purification, death and resurrection.

Scorpios are the most controversial and irresistible sign in the zodiac. Made up of shocking extremes, they possess an almost mystical and magnetic appearance.

The essential quality of this sign is their ability to recover and regenerate, making up for their tendency to self-destruct. Scorpios are like a bottomless lake – their surface is smooth and calm, but there are constant intense processes in the depths. That's why they radiate tension. They have a fundamental urge to get to the bottom of things.

Scorpios love being home and value their privacy and emotional depth above all else.

When Scorpios enter a project or a relationship, they give in ultimately. Scorpios are faithful, especially when they have found the right one. From here to fanaticism, the distance is short. They can be possessive and often struggle with passions, intensity, obsessive thinking, and suspiciousness.

On October 18th, Jupiter came out of its retrograde phase, making everything possible and achievable in the coming months.

This is a dynamic period for you. Give space to your own intuition and rely on determination to take on projects and achieve your goals. Think before you act and avoid expressing extreme opinions. Save your energy for meaningful and purposeful actions.

If you have not yet found a way to restore broken relationships or harmony at home, it is a good time to find your way to the others.

Use your inexhaustible power to cultivate, work on yourself and avoid controlling everyone. Instead, choose to act driven by love and understanding, whether a partnership, family, or professional relationship.

In addition to the desire for control, clear any lingering doubts and fears. Everything works out for you when you act driven by love, empathy, and faith in your own strengths.

Follow the open horizon of great opportunities, personal growth, and awareness.