October is a golden time for Aries with a great boost in their finances and their love life. There is a great chance you will start a project you’ve been planning for a few months. Don’t overthink it, the time is now!

Your love life will be blooming in October, your sex drive is so strong you can’t even recognise yourself, but it’s a good thing, that will lead to a long period of romance and harmony. Use it for inspiration and motivation for the months ahead.


BY FAR Muse : Matilda Djerf

What To Wear : Red Liu sandals with a mini silk dress for maximum sex appeal.

 October brings good news for Taurus. You will finalise important professional projects you’ve been working on for months. Your intuitive side is in stable flow right now. Focus on it and if your gut tells you to follow you dreams, do it! This is the only way to achieve confidence, peace and comfort this fall.

Your love life will be marked with harmony and peace in October. Focus on the small things that bring you pleasure like romantic picnics in the park, movie nights with a glass of wine and nice conversations.


BY FAR Muse : Hailey Bieber

What To Wear : In October, relax in the Nick loafers. 

October is going to be a very dynamic month for you, but the changes are likely to be for the better. Exercise your patience, you’ll have plenty of time to make up your mind. Use your social intelligence to prove your leading skills. Don’t shy away from complex situations.

The entry of Venus in Virgo brings a huge dose of romance in your love life until the month’s end. Try living in the moment and enjoy your partners company as much as you can. For singles, the dating scene will give you what you need – a bright, charismatic person may capture your attention.


BY FAR Muse : Hyomin T-ara

What To Wear : Put on your power suit and inject some vitamins in your outfit with a sophisticated Amber bag in lime green.

October will push you to pay more attention to public activities, where you will be able to realize your full potential. Attending charity events and parties will be productive. You can be a highly perceptive listener – try to access it right now, be diplomatic with your friends and don’t get into arguments.

If you manage to overcome your autumn sadness, October is holding many exciting surprises for you. Focus on things, that didn’t work out for you in the previous months – like a short vacation or more time for friends and family.

BY FAR Muse : Priyanka Chopra

What To Wear : Cure your autumn blues with a hot pink Mini Rachel bag to lift your spirit.

October will bring huge changes in your professional life. You will be brimming with creative energy that will lead to a period of tremendous prosperity. Even if you prefer party to work, prepare for plenty of enjoyable evenings spent with friends attending events or exploring new places. Take advantage of this experiences as they may result in new projects you will be working on all winter.

You will feel pretty charismatic in October and everyone will notice it. Don’t sleep on that, the dream partner won’t come knocking on your door. You’ll have to put on your best clothes and get out there. 

BY FAR Muse : Kylie Jenner

What To Wear : Shine bright like a diamond in Dylan mules with crystal embellishment. 

October is going to be generous towards Virgos. You have worked hard for months and it is time to reap your harvest. It is a good moment to take time to access the hidden parts of yourself and work on your appearance.

Focusing on yourself might help you see your partner from a new perspective, and it can transform your relationship. If you’re single, cultivating your strengths will attract the right people in your life. You might feel a renewed desire for romance and passion at the end of the month. Use it to boost your confidence and sex appeal.

BY FAR Muse : Beyonce

What To Wear : Have your feet firmly on the ground in the Leo boots in white.

In October, Libras will continue to look for justice and inner balance. Good luck on that! Important projects started in previous months will finally be completed in the best way possible. 

This is also an exciting moment for love with plenty of romantic opportunities thrown your way. Your self-confidence will not go unnoticed and you will gain many admirers.

Singles may have many potential suitors, with a great chance that someone will capture your attention.

 BY FAR Muse : Bella Hadid

 What To Wear : Liven up your look with a Mini bag in pastel pink.

The stars provide a huge amount of inspiration and creativity for your work life, especially if you work in arts and fashion. Look around for new projects to invest your energy in. Your intuitive side is in stable flow right now.
Your current sensitivity opens new awareness, while your desire for intimacy and love is very strong. At the end of October, you should trust your instincts and you might find what you’ve been looking for.

BY FAR Muse: Kendall Jenner

What To Wear : The Miranda bag in lilac is the statement style your wardrobe is been waiting for.

This is a great month for Sagittarius. Now with Mars in support, you will be able to overcome professional challenges, you’ve been struggling with for a while. You will be able to communicate your feelings with ease, something you’re not used to. This will contribute to balanced relationships with friends and colleagues.
According to the stars, in October, you’ll have to leave your cloud and have your feet firmly on the ground for a while. You must come to terms with the fact that sometimes reality doesn’t correspond to expectations.

BY FAR Muse : Zoe Kravitz

What To Wear : Keep your cool in the Edie boots in off-white.

There won’t be great transformations for you this month. Your tenacity and dedication led you to a point, where hard work will get rewarded. This will be favourable time for all important arrangements, meetings and business trips.

Capricorns always know exactly what they want, and they are ready to wait for it for as long as it takes. For those who are single, the chances of meeting the right person are excellent if you are more open and positive than usual. For once, go with the flow and see what will happen. October might surprise you!

BY FAR Muse : Irina Shayk

What To Wear : If anyone can pull off Willa boots in white, it is you. 

Aquarius is among this month’s most favoured signs. You will find new paths rather than be content with the usual ones. It is a good time to start your own business project or a new relationship. You will be really successful in all kinds of creative work.
You will feel the need to travel more – do it if it’s possible. For some, the time has come to let go of old habits and make new rules. Try reaching out to new people and getting to know them better. Tighten your circle.

BY FAR Muse : Dima Al Sheikhly

What To Wear : Dress for success in the Audrey boots in cobalto.

In October, you will put skills into play that fall outside your usual skill set. You will seek for new ways for self-improvement and self-expression. Many of you may try to focus their creative energy into some kind of art – something they’ve been putting off for ages.
Avoid being too emotional or you won’t be able to express your feelings. After 15th you may try to put your inner psyche in order and improve your inner self. Bet on sure things like dancing, good music or meditation.

BY FAR Muse : Caroline Daur

What To Wear : Choose a style that will match your creative mood like the Eve baguette in leopard print.