We hope that Aries is ready for a transformative and dizzying year because 2021 will put them through so many tests. If they maintain their positivism and thirst for transformation and adventure, they will be happy. The events won’t start to develop from January, but little by little Aries will face many different challenges. Accept the changes, be flexible, make compromises, and this will bring an advantageous boost to your professional life.

From the beginning of the year, look be visionary and pay attention to everything new and original. This way, you will lead the others, and success will come quickly. It’s good to forget about your natural stubbornness, especially when it comes to love. Immerse yourself in the eyes of your loved one and do exactly what they want from you - be passionate, gentle and dedicated.

BY FAR Muse : Matilda Djerf

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In January, Taurus will be an example to follow. You will easily turn plans and ideas into deeds, thanks to your perseverance and consistency. After Saturn settles permanently in Aquarius on December 21st, we all begin a journey into the future, and there is no going back. You must free yourselves from all restraints and limitations and look forward boldly. Strive for everything that opens up prospects for the future. Do not tread in one place, be bold and confident.

Dream, draw plans, now it may seem unrealistic, but work hard and you will be surprised by the results. You will see that there are no impossible things, if you face them with courage and inspiration.

BY FAR Muse : Hailey Bieber

What To Wear : Boost your confidence with sexy and comfortable heels like the Nayla in Pistachio Grained Leather. Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius favour the success of Gemini in 2021. Your curiosity and cheerfulness will help you both in your profession and personal lives. Jupiter will give you the necessary scope, so that you won’t fuss over trifles but focus on the bigger picture. Avoid pointless arguments at work and do not try to impose your opinion at any cost.

If you are single, you are most likely to experience many romantic moments at the beginning of the year. Charming and reckless in love, now you might feel the need for a more serious commitment.

BY FAR Muse : Hyomin T-ara

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 From the beginning of the year, you should strive to become independent of external circumstances. In January, you should pay attention to everything that sets you free you and you will see tangible results in 2021. It is important to be purposeful and confident and not to listen to those who deceive you.

The planet of love Venus is in Sagittarius until January 8th and will make the emotional ones of you pursue the image of the ideal partner or at least look for it in the person next to them. You will look for manifestations of imagination and gestures that break the monotony in the relationship and will help rediscover each other sexually, emotionally and intellectually. Venus in Sagittarius believes that life should be filled with happiness and joy and will offer them to each Cancer who is ready.

BY FAR Muse : Ola Farahat

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Leos like to be in the centre of attention and at the beginning of January, you’ll embark on various projects to achieve it. You’ll be in the whirlwind of many public and charitable initiatives, spreading your generosity. In January, be confident and selfless in your business endeavours. Your leadership qualities will be appreciated and will lay the foundations for a bold and successful year. In love, you will need your imagination and generosity as well. Remember, winter is a magical time for caresses and pleasant surprises.

BY FAR Muse : Kylie Jenner

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The beginning of the year sets a fast pace for practical and detailed Virgos.

You will have to expose yourself outside your comfort zone, make quick decisions and avoid minor disputes. January puts you in front of short deadlines and the impossibility of procrastination. Rely on your analytical thinking and practicality, and you’ll easily jump over obstacles at work.

If you are in a long-term relationship, you’ll have to rely on your imagination. Sexy outfits, romantic music – let your partner see you in a different light.

BY FAR Muse : Kaia Gerber

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Harmony and ease in work and relationships - this is how 2021 begins for Libra. After the holidays you’ll feel the need to communicate with honest and cheerful people. You’ll dream boldly and become passionate advocates of ideals and people in whom you believe. If you start a new professional project immediately, the results will exceed all your expectations.

Open spaces and beautiful landscapes will attract you like a magnet and in the beginning of the year you will feel the need to travel and look for new contacts and challenges. The cold beauty of winter will charge and balance you. If you are a fan of winter sports, now is the time to enjoy them.                                 

BY FAR Muse : Bella Hadid

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Mystery and magnetism - these are the words that will describe Scorpios at the beginning of the year. After the holidays, the gifts and the compliments you received, it's time to focus on work. Trust your intuition and start the project that has been maturing in your mind for a long time. The beginning of the year is a good time for a new endeavour, especially if it is related to creativity and creative freedom. Work hard and be inspired, and you’ll see tangible results in 2021.

Scorpios tend to express strong passions and emotions in intense and even destructive relationships. If you manage to find balance and support in your partner, the beginning of the New Year can be the beginning of a passionate romantic relationship for you.

BY FAR Muse : Raya Rawaz

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Sagittarians are considered the lucky ones of the Zodiac, and in the first days of January, they will understand why. There will be opportunities to expand their boundaries, start their own business and make useful acquaintances. And this is just the beginning. Nothing will stand on the way of those Sagittarians who are self-confident and know exactly how to achieve their goals. Venus transits through the sign, leading to the search for new opportunities and the enrichment of life with new sensations.

Many Sagittarians will embark on love adventures, while the restless spirit of others will take them to unfamiliar places.

BY FAR Muse : Barbie Ferreira

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2021 is going to be a dynamic year for Capricorns since the very beginning. Jupiter has left your sign, leaving you full of ideas, projects and goals to achieve during the year. You’ll jump start your 2021 in the first days after the holidays, with tangible results from a project you have been working on for a long time. It might lead to a promotion at work, but to stay there, you have to think and act unconventionally. Go beyond your usual work model, use everything promising and uncommon.

In January, single Capricorns will experience many romantic moments. You deserve the best, so unwind with a glass of good wine in a good company.

BY FAR Muse : Michele Obama

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This is a truly happy and promising period for Aquarius.

Don't waste your energy in different directions, if you don’t want to lose your power and patience while achieving your goals. New connections and contacts for collaborations will be a prerequisite for success. Jupiter will inspire you to transform, but you must be careful and watch for sudden changes or events that can redraw all your plans. Do not resist, accept everything as it is. Patience and careful project planning will only benefit you.

Witty, positive and eager to be among friends, your days in January will be bright and warm.

BY FAR Muse : Dima Al Sheikhly

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It’s time for you to give up illusions and live in the real world. You will need to change your mindset to become more determined and logical in your actions.

By February 22nd, Neptune will be in a retrograde shadow or will be returning to the path it took before its retrograde phase. Until then, Pisces may experience past emotions and situations that seem to return to give them one last chance to correct and analyse them. Act precisely and logically, and you’ll be on the right track.

The waters of your imagination are your safe place. There you feel full and recharged with creative energy. More often go to the surface, meet friends, laugh and enjoy the good moments. They are just beginning!

BY FAR Muse : Dina Zahran

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