Keywords: caring, sensitive
Motto: "I feel."
Ruler: the moon
Element: Water
Colour: Seafoam Green, Blue,
Quality: Cardinal
Sun sign dates: June 21 - July 22


We have reached the warmest and most feminine sign in the zodiac – that of Cancer. Deeply intuitive and nostalgic, they can be really difficult to recognise. 

Cancerians are associated with the hottest period of summer, hence their emotional warmth. On the other side, they are ruled by the moon, which adds an enigma to their character. 

The moon is a symbol of motherhood, worrying and strong emotions. That is why Cancer is the most feminine sign in the zodiac and also why women of this sign feel better in it than men – the energy of the moon makes them very sensual and emotional.

Deeply connected to the ever-changing moon, they often swing between polar emotional states. They easily come out of their shell but also quickly return inside it if something bothers them. People around Cancerians must make them feel emotionally comfortable or they will hide in the deepest waters they can find.

Home and family are their happy place. They find security and safety through close relationships and long-term partnerships and secretly fear being abandoned by those they love.

They have the natural gift of understanding at a glance when someone is honest with them or trying to deceive them. Their instincts work flawlessly, so it is recommended to rely on them in every life situation.

However, their intuition and strong emotionality prevent them from adapting to competitive environments, achieving a successful career and climbing to professional heights. Nevertheless, Cancerians are associated with money. They give them the stability and security they are so eager to have. 

Cancerians are also associated with sex – not in a way to dominate their partner, but more as an act of physical and emotional fusion. Representatives of this sign are very seductive and emphatically sexy.

The transit of Venus through Cancer is the reason you should be turned to your family during this time of the year. Be more caring for your children, partners and parents.

Singles will be actively looking for new acquaintances and emotions this summer. Follow your urge to try something new. Be spontaneous, effortless and easy – free from stereotypes or cliches. Do not worry, your intuition will not deceive you. 

Many of you will start your favourite home activities like renovations, interior changes, purchases or relocation to a new home. 

However, you are entering a period in which you will need more rest and serenity. Take time for quiet activities, enjoy the harmony in you and with those around you.