Keywords: challenging, impulsive
Motto: "I am."
Ruler: Mars
Element: Fire
Colour: Pomodoro, Wheat, Mustard, Tan
Quality: Cardinal
Sun sign dates: March 21st – April 19th

It all starts with Aries! 

Being the first sign of the zodiac, it’s no surprise that Aries loves to be number one and this audacious ram often is.

Aries is a fiery, masculine sign whose patron is Mars – the god of war. Aries energy is similar to the sun rays – it moves quickly and fills the space with light and positive vibrations. They are frank and freely express their opinion because they know that the truth will eventually come to light!

Aries does not like criticism but accepts the one that is reasoned and constructive. However, this does not mean that they will change their minds and do what you want from them. They will just let you think that you are right and will act as they have decided.

This self-belief makes Aries-borns good bosses and great partners for weaker astrological signs. An Aries has the most successful relationships with people who have lower ego strength and easily give in to his charm and power, such as Pisces and Libra. 

Aries are very charming and quickly attract attention. They are also very persuasive and seductive – no wonder their colour is red, which symbolizes passion and lust.

Aries are very active, constantly feeling the need to express and prove themselves. They feel best in a highly competitive environment, and in 2021, they will find just that – strong competition and professional success.

Thanks to your ruling planet Mars, you will have a dizzying year! You will start new projects and bring them to fruition with ease, but only if you rely on your team. Many Aries will have to learn new skills or change jobs. Don’t worry! The planet of knowledge Mercury will encourage you to show more diligence and patience; and will help you accept the novelties.

You will find a new passion. Love is arriving with the first spring rays. You just have to be patient and enjoy discovering the charming qualities of your partner. The best is yet to come!