Working in the fashion industry has been a dream come true. Who doesn’t want a glamorous life filled with shoes, bags and champagne? We do, of course!


Undoubtedly, the champagne is sipping, but there is a lot more to it! Ever wondered what happens behind the close doors at the fashion week? We wanted to give you a peek behind the scenes of one of our trips to Paris for FW20.

We visit Paris four times a year to show our brand-new collection to all the partners we work with. We, like most brands out there, organise a showroom for buyers from all over the world to come and make a selection of pieces for the stores. As exciting as it is to be in Paris, days at the fashion week are extremely busy, but never boring! Here’s a little breakdown of how it all goes down!

4am - Sofia – Paris (the day before the start of the showroom)

Our flight is extremely early so packing (or overpacking) can often take until dawn. Pulling a whole nighter is an option but not recommended - especially when you want to look at your best when you arrive en France.


6 am - 11 am - Bonjour Paris!

We would hate to admit that we do not look the freshest upon our arrival, but hey, now it is the time to start introducing crazy amounts of coffee. We divide the team up into four taxis and head off to the showroom. Of course, with traffic that takes about two hours but on the bright side it’s a chance to catch up on emails. PS. do not forget to bring eye patches for the flight the next time!

12 pm  - 11 am - Arrival in our hotel 

NO, you are wrong, there is no time to do glam because the empty showroom awaits you! We beg an Uber XL to carry the boxes that have arrived at the hotel and if that fails, we’re left with carrying them ourselves. A small sacrifice in the name of fashion.  We’ve shipped the whole collection, usually about 240 pieces, to Paris and now it’s time to unpack it which usually takes up most of our day and our energy. Thank god for Uber Eats and the drivers that put up with our orders of Poke in bulk!


12 am – Ideally, by this time everything is set up, every piece is where it should be, colour-coordinated etc.



And so, it’s time to spoil ourselves with some room service. If you are not fast asleep you could join whoever is left standing and treat yourself to a glass of wine, then hit the sack!


 DAY 2


7am - 8:30 am - The start of the fashion week!

Hopefully you have already pre- planned your outfits otherwise mornings can take a loooong time! And YES ginger shots are lifesaving: drink as many as you can so you can overwhelm everyone with your bubbly energy! We meet downstairs, all glammed up and walk together to the showroom, a slow walk mind you, with everyone wearing their BY FAR shoes, without a flat in sight!


9 am - Appointments, appointments, appointments!

Let the fight for samples begin! Trying not to miss anything while uploading a store’s selection, while another buyer is taking all your samples, while having the fit model try on half the collection, while drinking all the coffee.

Multitasking with a smile!



1pm - Lunch Time

Maybe you have time to eat maybe not. The most important thing is to have your lipstick on after the pasta that you ate for the 2 mins you had in between appointments.


8pm - End of the Day

Now, the showroom day ends once the last appointment shows up. Sometimes they come on time, other times not really.


If you get lucky you can actually go and have a shower in your hotel - if not straight to dinner, just make sure you have prepared a good makeup/refreshing kit.


9pm - Dinner

We at BY FAR are all foodies! We love Paris for all the variety and the tasty wine. Making a reservation is another thing though since we don’t know when our day will end so sometimes restaurant hunting takes quite a few calls! Our go-to, as well as that of half of all brands at fashion week is La Belle Epoque or Au Chien Qui Fume, right by our showroom in 1st.

12pm - The End! (of the day) 

You don’t know if it’s because of the two glasses of wine or the tiredness but it’s finally hitting you but taking off your clothes and the layers of makeup you have piled on feels like the hardest thing now! Only to start it over again tomorrow morning and keep going for another 6 days!

We hope you have enjoyed this litter tour with BY FAR during the Fashion Week. Obviously now with the pandemic unfortunately we are not there, but it does not mean we do not miss Paris! We'll be back soon, though, with more stories to tell!