One more bite of happiness is always a good idea. Think of the early afternoon, just one or two hours after lunch and still a lot of time before dinner – this specific moment of the day when you need an extra push to make it through. Some will be drowning themselves in coffee, others – in healthy smoothies (insert a high-five emoji here), but since we are all WFH anyway, why not give in to our deepest food cravings. 

We believe that good things become better when you share them, so, we’ve prepared a list of our top food combos, most dating back to when we were kids.

You might think that some of the below kiddie food pairings should never be on the same plate, but they can actually be pretty mouthwatering. Check them out, and remember, this is a judgment-free zone.


Popcorn and chocolate sweets

   We haven’t been to the movies in ages, but it does not mean we can’t enjoy our favourite cinema snack while binge-watching one of our guilty pleasure reality TV series on Netflix. You maybe eat them separately, one after finishing the other, but have you tried them together. Alternating the sweetness of the М&Мs with the salty taste of the popcorn, you will get this rollercoaster feeling in your month that sometimes is even more thrilling than the movie. 


Chocolate and pretzel sticks 

   When we want to feel like Winnie the Pooh dipping in a honey jar, this is how we do it – with a jar full of Nutella and pretzel sticks instead of finder tips. 


Mango and chilli powder 

   Nothing new under the sun. Mexicans have been adding hot sauce to mango for decades, so why should mango dipped in a chilli powder be any different. Alter all, we all know that sweet and spice is always a nice idea. 


Double up the sweetness

   If you too have an enormous sized sweet tooth for candies, you know that one type of gummies is never enough. Try mixing sweet, sour, fruit and chocolate flavours into one gorgeous and colourful candy salad. You will thank us later. 


Fries and ice cream 

   Hot and cold, sweet and salty. This is the combo of all food combos! Its amazing taste is actually scientifically explainable – did you know that our tongues have certain sweetness receptors that only activate when sugar and salt are both present. Try this and you’ll never go back to the boring ketchup ever again.

Note: Most adorned with strawberry McFlurry, but a milkshake can also make a fantastic dipping sauce for your fries, just saying.