BY FAR x Max Jansons Flower Charms

BY FAR x Max Jansons Flower Charms

For Fall-Winter 2021, BY FAR is introducing a special line of leather charms based on the fantastical flower paintings of Los Angeles artist Max Jansons.

For this special collaboration, BY FAR’s design team selected eight painted flowers which were translated into layers of leather, fused and stitched together to create the illusion of layers of paint. The result is a celebration of art and craftsmanship where fashion meets fiction.

Max Jansons work focuses on paintings’ ability to engage the viewer in an intimate way and create an unfolding and thoughtful visual experience. In his work, he utilises various subject matter, often within the same body of paintings, using both representational and abstract images. Jansons has expanded on an ongoing investigation in the tradition of still-life painting while imbuing his paintings with art historical references.

His works can include a vase of flowers, a portrait of a person he admires, landscapes, or abstract shapes and visual objects that play a role in his daily life. The history of painting is folded into the subject of Jansons work as he is a passionate student of art history. The process of reinvigorating historical tropes by utilising a very deft facture of expressionist painting and the celebration of complex colour combinations is a central theme to Jansons work.

Illusive and ornamental at first glance, the leather bouquets often cross the border into the abstract, suggesting hidden otherworldly meanings and emphasising the “pleasure of seeing”.  The Florence charm represents femininity, grace and sophistication, named for the artist’s late grandmother and the winding beauty of Florence Welch’s voice, while the Midnight charm will invite mystical moments in your life. One brings good luck and wisdom to its owner, and another represents bold thoughts.

Midnight Charm on Baby Amber Ultraviolet


Each flower charm is an anthem for rarity, created through an incredibly detailed and time-consuming process, where each layer still carries the spirit and look of the original painting. Completing their decorative function, a few of the charms are presented equipped with a bottle opener, creating a fresh attitude.

Strawberry Flower Charm on Ami Venus Perforated Suede

The flower charms are powerful on their own, but their fashion energy doubles when combined with other flower charms, inviting everyone to arrange their own charm bouquet and create their own magic.

The new flower charms collection retails exclusively through and BY FAR TMALL from December 2021.