A little cosiness goes a long way these days, and BY FAR wanted to extend this feeling of ease as much as they can, so they put it in a bag – the Cush bag. If cosying up was a sport, then Cush will be its apparatus.

“After creating iconic styles like Mini, Rachel, Amber and Miranda bags whose beauty lies in its signature but hard structure, we wanted to introduce a bag that is gentle on the eyes, with soft leather which is almost soothing,” said BY FAR’s creative director Denitsa Bumbarova. “The Cush is all that and more. Aligning with the minimalist style movement, this bag has so many aspects to it – it holds its volume when is empty, but at the same time its' silhouette changes completely depending on what you put in it.”

Cush looks voluminous but is so light at the same time. Extremely comfortable to carry, thanks to its padded shoulder strap, you can almost forget it’s on your shoulder once you put it there. This feeling of ease is enhanced by the buttery-soft flat grain leather – it is leather lover’s leather, made to last, change, and age beautifully with wear. This type of leather is very natural, with minimal cover, which means that it is left “open”. It will absorb oils from the skin and the environment, that will give it a unique patina with time. With that said, your Cush will get only better and better during its lifetime.

Cush can be worn almost empty with just the essentials inside or can be packed up with all the things you need to leave home in the morning and come back in the early hours of the next day. Whatever the case, it will continue to look effortlessly stunning.

“As reimagining the 90s aesthetics is our speciality, we couldn’t help, but tap into the trend of the slouchy silhouettes,” said BY FAR’s CMO Valentina Ignatova. “The BY FAR woman needed this move away from the structured and sculptural bag and we owed her a little more lightness and ease but with a note of joy and coolness, which the brand is all about.”

Except for black and white, the slouchy style is offered in an array of covetable sorbet shades including peony pink, lime and emerald green, and papaya orange.

And this is just the beginning. The style is available in two more sizes, each having its own perks.

Baby Cush is Cush’s cute little sister. It easily fits a slim wallet, phone, keys and Airpods, while the wide soft handle will fit comfortably on the crook of your arm. Maximize its trendy appeal by wearing it on your shoulders with the chain strap.

And just when you thought that the Cush bag can’t get any tinier, there is the Micro Cush, and the result is so sweet and huggable you won’t be able to let it go for days.

Micro Cush is a future party star, so don’t expect it to fit anything more than a phone, a cardholder and a lipstick. Or you can easily transform it into a practical addition to your day-look, by hooking it to your belt with the leather loop provided. Besides flat grain leather, Micro Cush will shake your entire wardrobe with options in BY FAR’s custom-made spray print leather – another highlight of the new season. 

Cush debuted in BY FAR’s CR21 collection, while Baby Cush and Micro Cush are arrived with SS21. 

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