Our biggest source of inspiration is our BY FAR Friends - or BFF for short. What we do is all about a celebration of individuality, effortlessness and fun!

We love seeing the different looks from girls and boys all around the world - making their BY FAR products their own. We would be nothing without them and we celebrate them day and night.

In the hopes of inspiring you, like they inspire us, BY FAR is launching this series of BFFs, sharing some of our favourites over the past few weeks.

Stay tuned for more and look out for your own pictures!

Yellow Amber - check. Printed flared pants - check.  Colour coordination - check. All in all, a perfect look for spring.

The days of playing "matchy-matchy" with your bag are back! Whether it's a shoe and bag combo, a full outfit or just the accessories, we love it! 

A black bag and a cool pair of sneakers - easy does it! 

We're obsessing over the neutral basics paired with bright pops of colour - much more fun!