BY FAR believes that the key to achieving a more sustainable future is the close ongoing collaboration with our partners, serving as the basis for improvements, innovation and excellence. Through positive environmental and social change, we can keep thriving together with the utmost respect for the world around us, looking onto the future ahead.

Since launching, BY FAR has chosen to base all of its manufacturing partners within the European Union, maintaining close oversight on the code of conduct of all partners with regards to their manufacturing practices and fair working conditions. Regular oversight and on-site visits have allowed us to ensure that the code of conduct, working conditions and protection of human rights do not only meet our own standards but are also in full compliance with all European regulations.

Working locally, respecting traditions of craftsmanship and progressing alongside local communities are principles that underpin the BY FAR Standards.

Both, our brand and our partners, are committed to keep making transitions towards more responsible manufacturing and the lessening of our strain on natural resources. We pledge to keep reducing the negative environmental impacts involved in production and to keep supporting practices and innovations that create environmental benefits, reducing climate change impacts.

We always try to keep our practices mindful and clean but we, as anyone, are a long way from being perfect. We see this as an opportunity rather than a challenge and are consciously aiming to improve our practices and provide more transparency to the BY FAR community.