Forests and Plastics

BY FAR acknowledges that the preservation of forests and by association, biodiversity and natural ecosystems, are essential to a sustainable future, regulating the effects of climate change. Avoiding deforestation and unsustainable extraction of wood for paper and pulp production is, therefore, crucial for sustainable forest management.  

The BY FAR standard on sourcing paper and wood-based products is grounded on a commitment to source from sustainably managed forests, as well as a commitment to reduce the company’s need for forest-based natural resources through increasing the recycled content of our paper and packaging. Our current retail and digital packaging and shipping boxes consist of fully recyclable paper and pulp, certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). We have committed to keep increasing the amount of recycled content in our packaging and to continue to search for opportunities to integrate more innovative and sustainable solutions in our practices and packaging. 

We are committed to using reusable, recyclable or compostable plastic across all our packaging and are continuously working towards finding better solutions through innovative materials. We have made good progress towards our goal by removing regular poly bags from our branded retail and digital packaging and have replaced them with a 100% recycled and recyclable option, rolling out in early 2020.