Nappa Leather

Nappa leather is quite a delicate but very soft and comfortable material.

It's produced on soft calf skins and buffed to give it a slightly polished appearance. For a long product life, we recommend avoiding contact with rough and/or abrasive surfaces. Where necessary, we strongly recommend using a specialist cleaning service.

For taking care of your products at home, a baby wipe is useful to get any dirt or residue off its surface before cleaning products. Using a clean, dry cloth and a leather balm, polish your product, sticking to a non-coloured option. Rub the product evenly and distribute on the entire surface. The balm will soak up and help your leather last longer, preventing any tearing.

Buffing with a polish regularly will help maintain your products extra shiny. Depending on the colour of your bag or shoes, you can use a polishing balm that matches exactly or alternatively use a clear polish. We usually stick with clear version for all non-black items.