Since the beginning, BY FAR reimagines timeless silhouettes with no compromise on quality, finish or design. This way we are offering long-lasting products that always remain relevant.

But designing with the next use in mind is just the first step towards a bigger goal – to achieve a more sustainable future for all!

We believe that we all can learn to buy less but better, own items for longer, and be more specific in our choices. And when we are ready to part ways with our well-loved pieces, we can pass them on. 

A circular approach to fashion lies at the heart of our sustainability ethos. If we strive to attain a cleaner, healthier and less impactful industry, we need to take longevity to the next level.

Empowering our community to extend the life of their BY FAR pieces, we teamed up with the leading online marketplace for pre-owned fashion Vestiaire Collective.

Due to their inherent “second-life” nature, our products can be easily passed on and on sustainably. So, if it doesn’t spark joy anymore, why don’t you give your BY FAR piece a fresh start at Vestiaire Collective?

By reselling your pre-loved BY FAR products, you will help our designs go full circle and reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Join us in saying no to throwaway fashion and driving the change! 

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