Committed to continuously doing better and bringing about practices that protect and preserve the world we live in, we approached the concept of creating sneakers fully aware that they needed to be our most conscious product yet. For this reason, we chose to create this design using post-consumer elements where possible and still uphold the highest standards of BY FAR quality and craftsmanship. 

As an everyday staple, the BY FAR sneaker is the epitome of comfort, durability, and transcendent style. But it’s not just longevity that makes a product sustainable, it’s designing with the future in mind. Rodina, meaning motherland in Bulgarian, stands for praising our roots, being true to ourselves and our planet. We made our best efforts to better its manufacturing and minimize our impact on the environment. The result is a future-friendly shoe and great step towards more eco-conscious times ahead, responsible for the world around us.

Upper and lining

The Upper and lining of Rodina are both in 100% post-consumer recycled polyester, which requires less energy and water to produce than virgin polyester does. Using recycled polyester reduces the disposal of waste to landfills and the use of resources.


Rodina’s sole is made in a two-tone compostable rubber. This compound is biodegradable over a short to medium time once discarded, while still maintaining its comfort and durability for the many seasons ahead. Being a natural material, it does not release harmful substances and microplastics into the soil when decomposing.


Rodina’s laces are made from recycled poly-cotton. Using recycled fibres decreases the demand for virgin fibres. Recycled poly-cotton minimizes water and energy consumption during manufacturing and reduces reliance on crude oil processing. The production of this material reduces the dependence on petroleum as a raw material, diverts plastic from ending in landfills and reduces waste by not creating it in the first place.

Smooth calf leather

Our smooth calf leather comes from tanneries, ensuring high standards of manufacturing, ethical practices, and a low impact on the surrounding environment, including zero industrial effluent.

Grained Leather

The grained leather used for the Rodina sneakers is manufactured in an eco-conscious manner, upholding the highest standard regarding environmental performance, including water and energy use, air emissions, waste, and traceability.