Animal Welfare

BY FAR is committed to sourcing all raw materials from suppliers, governed by the highest animal welfare standards and protection principles.

The company’s policy and its suppliers hold the Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (RSPCA) Five Freedoms as a guiding principle for animal health and welfare standards.

BY FAR and its chain of suppliers adopt any and all advisable practices, which aim to protect the emotional state, the biological functioning and natural behaviour of animals, taking into consideration species’ needs and bio-diverse eco-systems in the regions where animal products are sourced.

BY FAR encourages suppliers to continuously improve and monitor animal welfare performance and to promote, throughout the entire supply chain, compliance with new and most up-to-date science-based standards and best practices. BY FAR will never knowingly source raw materials, if there have been any concerns over animal welfare and is committed to engaging with welfare experts to ensure good husbandry of animals in the supply chain.

Exotic Skins – BY FAR does not manufacture or procure any exotic skins, since we hold the belief that it is hugely challenging to source exotic skins which match our ethical standards, without endangering the wild population. The list includes snakes, crocodilians, lizards and galuchat (stingrays).