Our Italian Suede Leather is an extremely soft and delicate leather with a luxurious velvety feel.

Any small imperfections such as veins, are considered normal characteristics of a natural suede and any differences in colour between each skin are considered precious and characteristic of this leather. As with all suedes particular care has been taken to fixing the colour, to reduce as much as possible any colour transfer, however given it is a suede, this can never be completely eliminated and thus should be considered a characteristic of this article.

Suede requires a little more care than common leather materials. It doesn’t perform well when exposed so water, so often, for items like winter boots prone to more exposure, we recommend using a protective spray coat. However, we advise that you always do a test on a small patch of your product like the inside of a handle or the heel.

To clean your suede products, brush the hide carefully with a suede brush and then smooth all over with a softer brush for an even finish. We discourage excessive or prolonged rubbing, as this could damage the product. For any hard stains you can always use a suede eraser for some extra help.

If the product should come into contact with water, dab it dry immediately with a soft dry cloth to absorb any moisture. Between uses, we recommend storing your BY FAR product in its original dustbag.