Our BY FAR shoes are made for walking, dancing and having fun. From boots, to heels and loafers, our pieces are designed with quality, comfort and longevity in mind, without compromising on style.

We want you to get the most wear out of your shoes so you can love and cherish them for many years to come.

We always recommend saving the original packaging and filling in your shoes with tissue paper in-between wears. This will prevent any dust and discolouration from affecting the leather, especially important with lighter colour materials and more delicate textures like silk and suede.

Always try to avoid contact with water, grease and chemicals. Dry damp shoes with a clean, soft cloth to absorb any liquid and let them dry in room temperature. Do not leave your shoes close to sources of strong heat and light.

Most BY FAR shoes are made with nubuck or smooth leather soles for comfort, breathability and timeless style. Wear and tear is only natural and is part of the charm of your styles. If the leather outsole wears out, the front part and the heel can be changed, and the edges evened out by a specialist, who can also add a thin protective rubber sole, if you deem it necessary.