Our leather products are made out of natural leather for its comfort, beauty and resilience, though it is a durable and hard-wearing material, it can be sensitive, so proper care is advised.

Some substances can leave permanent marks on the leather like oily products, lipstick and other make-up products, lotions, perfume and alcohol-based products. Repeated contact of light-coloured leather goods with dark textiles can also stain the leather, so always best to avoid. Soft leather does also change slightly after use, as leather is a flexible material and that is only a natural part of its beauty.

Keep leather away from humidity, heat and chemicals and protect it from rain and rough surfaces, which can scratch and damage it. For any serious damage always take leather items to a specialist leather dry cleaner.

If leather should get wet, allow it to air dry at normal room temperature.

To keep the natural shape of leather always store your products in their original protective packaging, using tissue paper in-between wears to help items keep their original shape.