Tk 210,000.00 BDT
Tk 210,000.00 BDT
The BY FAR Daydream Luxury Collection Set is a captivating way to create your own make-believe. Each set comes beautifully boxed and contains a perfect curation of all BY FAR DAYDREAM scents in 7 x 100 ml Refill EDPs, 7 coloured refillable charms, 7 attachment bracelets in both silver and gold


• BY FAR Daydream of a Splash 100ml EDP Refill
• BY FAR Daydream of Passing Clouds 100ml EDP Refill
• BY FAR Daydream of a Bingo Queen 100ml EDP Refill
• BY FAR Daydream of a Rose Garden 100ml EDP Refill
• BY FAR Daydream of Hopscotch 100ml EDP Refill
• BY FAR Daydream of Someone I Knew 100ml EDP Refill
• BY FAR Daydream of a Love Trance 100ml EDP Refill
• 2 x Ivory Refillable Charm
• Green Refillable Charm
• Orange Refillable Charm
• Pink Refillable Charm
• Violet Refillable Charm
• Apricot Nude Refillable Charm
• 2 x Silver carabiner hoop bracelet
• Gold carabiner hoop bracelet
• 2 x Silver chain & leather strap bracelet
• 2 x Gold chain & leather strap bracelet

How It Works

  1. Insert the 20ml mini bottle into the base of your charm
  2. Swivel the 100ml bottle into the neck of the charm bottle
  3. Allow to fill until it comes to an automatic stop and twist to release
  4. Clip on the Zamac BY FAR bracelet over the bottle and screw on the pump
  5. Snap on the cap and snap on the charm bracelet
  6. Style on your BY FAR bag, jean hoop or hang in the car
  7. To refill, insert the key diagonally down into the pinhole on the charm bracelet hoop
  8. Repeat as above


We continually strive towards our dream for a better future, which is why our scents are consciously crafted with sustainability in mind. Reusable by design, the painted aluminium charm case contains a partially recycled glass bottle, with 15% deriving from bottle banks. Our 100ml refill bottle has been minimally designed. We have purposefully not lacquered the glass or put plastic protectors on the labels to allow this vessel and the pp plastic cap to be fully recyclable. Our products are packaged in FSC (forest stewardship certified) boxes and can also be easily recycled at home.

Shipping & Returns

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