We have put the word guilty in here, but in all honesty we don't feel a shred of that. We love of a bit of trash TV just as much as the next person: the drama, the love triangles, the excess! 

Immerse yourself in the world of questionable morality, because what else to do when you’re stuck home, after you’ve finished work, rearranged your wardrobe, tried every workout class on YouTube and become sick of cooking. 

We’ve chosen the shows we felt guilty for watching but also couldn’t wait to discuss with everyone we know. Some of them will make you feel so good you are locked in your home because the outside world is really going crazy.

Netflix is obviously the place to go for this kind of entertainment these days, with a show for every type of TV viewer – from dating shows to design and renovation, culinary or acts of physical endurance. So, we’ve gathered something old, something new and something in between for you.



Long Story Short: You might have sworn to yourself you’d never fall for a reality tv show, but KUWTK will make you break that promise with its high level of addiction. We don’t know if it’s because the Kardashian family is surprisingly human and relatable or just fame and fortune are that attractive, but there must be a reason for its 20 seasons and numerous spin-off series.

RuPaul’s Drag Race

Long Story Short: In one sentence, RuPaul’s Drag Race is most of all an inspirational show, spreading the message that it is OK to be who you are.

Selling Sunset

Long Story Short: Selling Sunset instantly gives off the same vibe as The Hills (maybe because they share the same creator Adam DiVello), with the only difference being that the main characters have actual jobs – they are real estate agents, or as Vice described them "attractive white women who sell luxury properties for The Oppenheim Group, a major player in the Hollywood Hills real estate scene."

Bling Empire

Long Story Short: Crazy Rich Asians turned into a reality show. There is nothing more to add.

Nailed it!

Long Story Short: Unprofessional bakers try to re-create unimaginably amazing creations of professional bakers. It’s clumsy, messy, tricky and hilarious. Trust us: it's worth it.

Love is Blind!

Long Story Short: Giving hope to the hopeless romantics, Love is Blind got us questioning our cynicism. Its concept is simple – 30 single men and women blind date (literally) for ten days, without any access to the outside world. They don’t get to see the person they are talking to until they are engaged. Then they are given a few days together to get to know each other before they decide whether to say “I do.”

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee 

Long Story Short: Carpool Karaoke with comedians, and instead of James Corden we’ve got Jerry Seinfeld, which is pretty amazing, as well. 


The Goop Lab

Long Story Short: This show is so controversial it deserves a spin-off just about all the comments that it provoked. But the truth is The Goop Lab is quite curious. Yes, if you are looking for reasons to roll your eyes at the Gwyneth of it all, you’ll find them. But on the other hand, you might also learn something new.