*** WARNING*** We’re done talking about the pandemic.

Yes, you read that right, we’re turning a new page. As spring comes into our lives, we’re embracing the cliché of freshness and new beginnings and choosing to be positive, open minded and dare we say, even quite excited!

We’re buzzing for new experiences, revamping our wardrobes and scraping the net for our top travel destinations (we’ll keep you updated on what we find, don’t worry). With that being said, we wanted to give you a little update on what we’re feeling right now and get you as inspired as we are.

Here is a list of some of the things we can’t stop talking about recently.

Maria Bakalova – because she is Bulgarian, talented, beautiful, modest, chic, smart, breaking stereotypes  – everything we want from a future Hollywood star. She’s already been awarded accolades for best supporting actress by a number of critics groups and is a Golden Globe nominee and an Oscar nominee. 

Pretend It’s a City – Every now and then someone recommended this title in our group chats with comments like “It’s hilarious!”, “A must-watch!”, “On my watch list!”. So, it turned out to be one of our main talking points throughout February. If you haven’t, you should def give it 203 min of your time and let’s discuss it later on Clubhouse.

Kali Ledger – the inspiration for all the bold revenge make-up looks we are about to rock this year.

Chloe Wise – a must follow for every fashion and arts enthusiast, because of her brilliant and sarcastic point of view on the consumerist world.

Louie Something worth dressing up for! The hot London dining place will be our first stop after May 17th when it will reopen again. 

Parisiensinparis – Paris’ chicest women in their natural habitat. Our number one Instagram destination for outfit inspiration in the morning. And sometimes we love scrolling it just to spot a BY FAR bag or two.

Rosamund Pike in I care a lot – The Golden Globe winner is tremendous in J Blakeson’s series. If we had the ability to momentarily wipe our memories, we all agreed that we’d use it to rewatch I Care a Lot for the first time, just to watch her sociopath haircut lighting up the screen.