September brings transformations, causing you to question your value system, your worldview and yourself.

Even the most self-centred of you might find themselves in situations acting beyond their ego – helping without thinking about what they will receive in return.

For some of you, this means giving up a profitable project and embarking on new and adventurous endeavours.

Only if you take risks, you will enjoy great earnings – not in terms of money, but new friendships, a sense of freedom and gratitude.

In love, the transformation will occur in terms of emotionality and openness on your part. You will start accepting everything that you did not like in your partner and respectively in yourself.


As of August 20th, Uranus’ retrograde in your sign has brought certainty and stability to your life. But it is really the calm before the storm. This is a period of reflection and decision making. Right now, you should carefully re-evaluate your priorities and plan the next steps. This applies to both your personal relationships and professional commitments.

This is not the time to act impulsively. Patience is the order of the day if you want to act more conscious and more thoughtful. Even if you feel the urge for change, things will be slowed down by the challenging aspect of Uranus retrograde.

The change will occur, but after Uranus turns into a direct movement. For some of you, this may be a new professional challenge. For others - a change in marital status or a surprising new acquaintance.


With Venus moving through Libra, September brings inspiration, urge for love, beauty and comfort. There is a desire for change or movement.

If you are in a harmonious relationship, you will most likely focus on your appearance or making changes to redecorate or renovate your love nest.

Beauty treatments, updating your wardrobe or just investing in beautiful things – all this will have a great effect on you. Replace evenings at home with spending time with friends, enjoy your hobbies or just find time for yourself – you need to recharge your batteries.

Now is the time for putting yourself first.


A month full of many positive moments, but also quite a few challenges.

Uranus retrograde brings transformation. You will find ways to get rid of everything old and unnecessary, but this change will not happen smoothly and gradually, rather than abruptly and dynamically.

There might be a moment when you will not be able to recognize yourself. Your emotional nature will make you react sharply and impulsively, leaving all fears behind.

You will be curious to evaluate new work challenges. Uranus is prompting you to change your pattern and take risks with grit and determination.

In love, you will clearly draw boundaries and declare yourself.


September is moving at a slower pace for you. The reason is in the upcoming retrograde motion of all the outer planets.

Chaos and delays will make you anxious, feeling as if everything is going against you. There will be a lot of unexpected events at work due to forces outside your control.

The good news is, you can take advantage of the situation, but only if you loosen up your desire for perfection. This is a good time to forget your ego and dedicate yourself to others.

With your ideas, energy, and lion's power, you will be recognised, and where one door closes, another will open.


Venus in Libra brings you energy and motivation to complete the ongoing commitments. Your perseverance and consistency will see concrete results. The Sun in your sign will fill you with extra energy to tie up unfinished business. You will be living through one of the best and most productive periods of recent years.

You will season every situation with friendliness, generosity, and justified optimism. Those working in a team will reap amazing results, also in terms of money, but only if they show understanding and make compromises. In the end, you will discover a good communication strategy together.

In love, everything is going smoothly. You will enjoy a time of harmony and many moments of happiness with your loved ones.


Venus moved on from your sign, but left you full of energy, looking for harmony, beauty and understanding.

Until mid-September, you will be more creative, innovative and in good spirits. You will have the freedom to develop your ideas, as well as a strong need to express yourself.

On September 15th, Mars enters your sign and will change your energy. It will make you more active, even reckless, especially in love.

Singles are ready for new and exciting adventures. Supported by Mars, you will have the courage and charisma to make the first move towards someone who appears to match what you are looking for.


No more tranquillity for you. On September 10th, Venus enters your sign bringing intense feelings and extremes in behaviour.

Probably for some of you, the period will bring ultimatums, which might burn bridges in professional collaborations.

This is not a good time to act impulsively. First, try to make sense of the situation and examine your feelings. The accumulation of emotions is typical for you, but at some point, it can get too overpowering, causing you reactions you will certainly regret in the future.

If possible, avoid stressful situations and relationships.


In September, you will feel a little pickier and anxious.

You will be more concentrated, methodical and you will lack Sagittarius’ characteristic forgetfulness. The energy of the Sun in Virgo will give you more mental focus and pragmatism. This is the perfect time to fully dedicate yourself to projects that you have been working on for a long time and put a close to this chapter. Use the moment to bring clarity and order to your professional commitments and, above all, to set priorities.

In love, you will need to clear the chaos of unspoken words and vague expectations.

If you dive deep into the routine and responsibilities, supported by the Sun's transit through Virgo, you will have to relax a bit in the second week of September. Going to the extreme just to gain control over any situation, will only cause you disappointment.


You are in a period of transition and personal evolution. You clearly see your goals and know exactly how to reach them. However, in order to implement change, you will need to abandon your old patterns of thinking.

Breaking away from old habits is not easy, so at the beginning of the month, it is important to isolate yourself from the old by replacing them with something new.

You might have a chance to change your job or relocate to a new city – go beyond your comfort zone, act without planning.

If you are single, do something unthinkable for you - go out on a date with a stranger, boost your presence on social media and expect the unexpected.


September is filled with sunny skies for you.

Negotiations for new business partnerships are looking up. You will receive the desired support and an investment for the coming future.

On September 7th, Venus in Libra meets retrograde Jupiter in Aquarius. Your dreams of success will finally start to come true, and you will enjoy a time of harmony at home. This will be a magical period for your love life and a really promising one for those who are single.

Relationships that started in September will have an extremely promising future.


In September, you will skilfully arrange the circumstances in your favour.

You will be surrounded by people from whom you can learn and your professional collaborations will increase. You will be able to easily abandon all your illusions and start witnessing tangible results from projects you have worked on throughout the year.

From September 10th to 14th, the Sun will be in opposition to Neptune, your ruling planet. Neptune will distract you, make you blur the boundaries and trust your intuition. Your concentration will be shaken, and chaos will try to ruin your routine by questioning your plans. If it is possible, take a short break and try not to think about anything.

Let a piece of this chaos within you. After all, in order to achieve perfection, you need both order and a little chaos.