Keywords: Hidden, Passionate

Motto: I wish.

Ruler: Pluto

Colour: Lilac, Pomegranate

Element: Water

Quality: Fixed

Sun sign dates: October 23rd - November 21st


On October 23rd, we are welcoming the Scorpio – the most extreme, the most complex, the most magnetic and the most powerful zodiac sign of them all. And the most sensual one too.

Scorpio is associated with love and death, deep emotions and transformations. These contradictions come from its high power and falling into extremes – from very good to very bad, from strong love to devastating jealousy and pure hatred. But all this makes Scorpios so charming and magnetic.

Mercury entered the deep and murky waters of Scorpio on September 27th, in which it will remain until December 1st due to its retrograde phase. Since a Scorpio-born is never satisfied with superficial conversations, the time has come to be more analytical and insightful towards yourself.

Almost during its entire stay in Scorpio, Mercury will be in harmony with Neptune. This will bring peace and energy that predisposes to self-absorption. During this period, indulge in yoga, meditation and spa treatments.

The position of Mercury in Scorpio will have the best effect on Scorpios themselves. You will feel more secure and ready to take off your mask. Being honest, especially with yourself and your sincerity will bring you emotional security and personal satisfaction. By the end of the year, you will still have time for personal growth and to focus your powerful energy on various professional projects.

Scorpio is, among other things, a very ambitious sign, and 2021 will challenge you but only to make you better. At the beginning of 2021, Mars will be in your zodiac sign. This is the perfect time to start a project you have been planning for a while now.

Pluto, which rules Scorpio, will stay in Capricorn all year round, and you will be even more determined to get what you have been dreaming of. Believing in yourself and hard work are the key to success, especially professionally.

Autumn of 2021 will be the happiest period for the Scorpio-born. You will experience intriguing encounters, who will awaken your extreme sensuality.

The sun is in Scorpio from the end of October till the end of November and will reveal your best qualities – you will long for passion, deep and meaningful intimate relationships. Your intensive nature makes you really attractive right now.


Happy Birthday!

BY FAR Muses: Kendall Jenner, Elsa Hosk, Rania Fawaz