November sets the stage for establishing new goals and focusing on achieving them. You will be more active, which will breathe fresh air into existing projects.

You are entering an incredibly formative period. However, if you managed to slow down and rest last month, you will enjoy a strong influx of energy in November.

For some of you, this urge will be directed inward to reassessing thoughts, feelings, and priorities. Others will need to recover balance in their relationship, itching for more freedom and space.

Mars passes through Scorpio, causing problems at work and in the relationship with your partner.

If you find it challenging to accept passivity, you will try to free yourself from stagnant situations. Be careful and watch everything closely. Your extreme drive might prevent you from making clear decisions, and there is a chance of overestimating your capabilities.

Mars puts the focus on passion, and jealousy will be inevitable.


With the transition of Venus from Scorpio to Sagittarius, the volcano of emotions in which you boiled last month will subside. You enter a period where the spiritual and intellectual attraction will be much more important than a passionate sexual relationship. You can enjoy a moment of peace and harmony. This is a good time for new acquaintances.

Your intelligence, common sense and adventurous spirit will prove helpful in your professional and personal life. This is an auspicious moment to present innovative and unusual ideas.

You need to be patient and careful with signing documents and concluding contracts. Do not promise anything that you can't keep.


Your planetary ruler Mercury has put an end to its retrograde motion and has been in Libra since the end of October.

Expect more opportunities, improvement of communication and understanding that will lead to excellent results. It is a good time to finalise important deals, contracts, and agreements.

The best thing that you can do right now is to get rid of everything holding you back, including old habits, thoughts, and people. You need to get your priorities straight and invest energy and time only in projects, people, and situations that deserve your attention.

What will remain will feel real, valuable and will determine your behaviour in the future. Be honest with yourself and listen to what your heart tells you.


This is an emotional and enlightening period for Cancer. Overcome fear and indecision and make your choices based on love and empathy.

During this month, others will seek your support. You will be open to new emotional states and will appreciate the spiritual side of life. Allow yourself to be more vulnerable, and you will enjoy love and care in your personal life and support and recognition in the professional one.

Many of you will look for a calmer rhythm of life, with enough time for your loved ones.


November will be dynamic and full of important decisions. Be reasonable in your judgments because your actions will affect others.

Now is the time to get yourself out there and promote your ideas. There will be many opportunities to express your skills. Be honest and have faith. Only if you believe that anything is possible you will accomplish everything.

Share your ideas with others for affirmation and feedback, and you will not go unnoticed. In terms of your professional life, this means promotion and career advancement.

You will resurrect old ideas in unexpected ways and promote people who have stood aside because of their unique and extravagant views.

Spend more quality time with your family and friends.

You know best that behind perfection and talent, there is methodical and precise work.

During this month, appreciate your own time and energy and extricate yourself from the various forces commanding your attention at work. Be careful. There is a great chance to be overwhelmed with commitments.

Listen to your body, watch the signals it gives you and obey. If you are tired - rest. If you have the energy to work, do it. Perfect the detail, correct and inspect from all sides.

In love, try not to overthink everything that happens in your relationship. Sometimes fatigue is just fatigue and nothing else.


Mercury has come out of its retrograde motion in your sign, leading to a series of changes in November.

The exchange of ideas, communication and contribution will be the month's focus, taking a lot of non-stop effort and energy. You will need to adapt to people around you constantly.

You are entering a period of personal growth, and it might be an excellent time to start thinking about investing in yourself and try to improve your managing skills.

In love, try to create synergies with your partner. Focus on what you can learn from each other, and you will find harmony.


Happy birthday, Scorpio!

Your planetary ruler Pluto returns to its direct movement, leading you to the right path to achieve your dreams. In its retrograde phase, Pluto made you reconsider and analyse the strategies you have already set with yourself.

Now, it is a momentous time for your talents to shine.  The best thing you can do is to get rid of everything holding you back, including old habits and deep-rooted fears.

This largely applies to your love life. Those in questionable relationships will have to make decisions. Powerful and sensitive to pain, there is no need to be in a relationship where you don't feel valued and understood.


In November, you will succeed with whatever you do.

You will be filled with the necessary determination to start new projects and work towards goals that personally inspire you. If you feel that you have forgotten what truly moves you, get your priorities straight and invest energy and time only in projects, people, and situations that deserve your attention. The things that matter are those that keep you awake at night.

For some of you, this may mean starting a new job, entering a new relationship, or changing residence. Trust your instincts and find your next adventure.


Your planetary ruler, Saturn, is coming out of retrograde motion, and its direct course will continue until June 5th, 2022, offering you an opportunity to apply the lessons you learned. You will have the chance to be more responsible towards yourself in terms of how you spend your time and how you express yourself and evolve.

If you want even greater success career-wise, now is the time to strive for perfection, patience, accuracy, and endurance. Use your perseverance to achieve what is important to you.

During this period, you will be successful only if you rearrange the priorities in your life. Don't waste your time and energy on minor tasks and projects.


In November, you will attract like-minded people and will draw bold plans for the future.

Use your abstract thinking and energy to start innovative projects, especially those engaged in creative fields. You will invest imagination and rebellion in your relationships as well.

Your love life will undergo a serious transformation. Your unconventional thinking might shock your partner, who will have to accept your independent spirit and your desire to experiment without knowing where it will take you.


In November, you will have to face situations putting your skills and emotional strength to the test.

This month, you will witness a new order in your personal and professional relationships. You will have the potential to get to the heart of any problem, and to overcome your deep-rooted fears while staying focused on your goals.

You will be sought for advice and support, especially in business relationships, bringing a series of successes in your professional life. Your skills not to criticise sharply and to approach others with empathy will be appreciated, and you will receive new duties and responsibilities.