May starts off on a slow note.

It is time to devote yourself exclusively to organizing and analysing. There are calmer and more productive days and enough time for rest.

It is also time to put your business and personal relationships in order. Using your past experiences, analyse and adapt to your current situation. Living at a fast pace has brought you a lot of success recently. Now, you need to slow down, look around and rethink your behaviour.

In order to move further ahead, you need to learn to compromise, to listen and to take advice.

BY FAR Muse : Matilda Djerf

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A golden time for Taureans, whose ruling planet Venus is in the comfort and harmony of its own sign.

You are living through one of the best periods of recent year. Venus in Taurus will awaken your sensual side, and you will feel beautiful, sexy and desired.

Indulgence will be your only vice - from perfectly arranged tables, to beauty treatments and luxury purchases. We pray your credit card has no limit.

BY FAR Muse : Hailey Bieber

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You are entering a period of preparation, prior to a very happy month. You are filled with the gumption to take on a new project, so start scheduling appointments and events. Now, you have all the determination needed to bring new projects to fruition in the next months. For you, this is the perfect period to get rid of everything unnecessary – from wardrobe clear-outs, to bad habits and thoughts.

You will make new contacts that could lead to exciting business collaborations.  

Love will also benefit from the climate of novelty. There will be many opportunities to meet interesting new people. Let your good energy and excellent spirit attract love in your life.

BY FAR Muse : Hyomin T-ara

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In May, you will take a light-hearted approach to life.

Until June 11th, Mars, the planet of initiation and direct action will remain in the sign of the highly intuitive Cancer. Its transit will cause you to question your emotional state. Now is the perfect time to resolve any doubts and achieve inner balance.

In love, there is a need for privacy. Do not hesitate to intimately bond with your partner, but don’t force it. Intimacy will come naturally and without pretence.

At the end of the month, your relationship will be extremely emotional, and you will find yourself feeling frustrated. Exercise patience and give things time.

BY FAR Muse : Ola Farahat
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May is a positive month for Leos with improvement in your financial and personal life.

Under the strong influence of Venus, you will undergo a long period of indulgence. Take your time, it’s been a while since you did something for yourself.

The long transit of Venus through your sign will help you conclude negotiations, contracts or start projects, bringing new sources of income, that will ensure a sense of security till the end of the year.

In love, be open to everything that comes your way and take risks.

BY FAR Muse : Kylie Jenner
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Mercury in Taurus is bringing determination, successful collaborations, escapism and inspiration.

In May, you must remain active, persistent, and focused – even a meaningless conversation could be crucial for your future.

As far as your love life is concerned, this will be a very relaxed period as long as you keep calm and don’t rush on your partner. For singles, summer looks more intriguing than ever.

BY FAR Muse : Kaia Gerber
What To Wear : Take your time in Iggy in peony pink.


In May, you will be more reasonable and willing to reconsider your recent behaviour. This will help you set new and more achievable goals.

You will seek love, harmony and understanding. The focus of your life right now is to exercise patience, humbleness and acceptance.

You are good at using language to your advantage and now, you’ll be able to communicate your ideas without the worries and limitations that have stopped you from speaking up before.

Those who are single would prefer to enjoy the company of old friends.

BY FAR Muse : Bella Hadid
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It is a wonderful month filled with entertainment and many positive experiences.

However, you might feel misunderstood and confused because of the many ideas that come to your mind and the lack of opportunities for realization. The stars advise you to be patient. Good things will come your way when you are ready for them.

You will be busy with projects and creative ideas but take some time for yourself – go out, meet new people, find new hobbies and spend time with your family and friends.

BY FAR Muse : Elsa Hosk
What To Wear : Manu in ice to keep you cool in the warmer days.


May is bringing peace and creative inspiration.

You will complete every project you start, relying on your enthusiasm and clear vision of the future. Everything will run so smoothly that will make you doubt yourself. Don’t let your insecurity distract you and keep moving toward your distant goals.

This month you are filled with an abundance of creativity. Is it spring, or is it just your endless sensitivity?

For the singles, there are many favourable opportunities for meeting new people. Love is right in front of you. Can you feel it?

BY FAR Muse : Zoe Kravitz
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This is a golden month for you.

You are born to trust your gut and now your intuition is your superpower. This is the moment to make use of your ability to perceive, learn and think faster, clearer and more focused.

Every day will be an opportunity to experiment with new ideas, that together with your inherent desire for primacy will lead to new professional horizons. You will feel inspired and will inspire people around you.

During this period, exercise your patience, especially when negotiating or working on a team project.

BY FAR Muse : Irina Shayk
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Focus your energy on self-improvement this month.

Mars transits through Pisces, pushing you to analyse your past mistakes and empowering you with the energy and determination needed to correct them.

You and only you are responsible for what happens to you. Focus on all areas in your life that need improvement. It is time to acquire new skills and solve old problems. You are a highly independent sign and now more than ever you will have to fight to retain your freedom.

You will find yourself frustrated with your partner. Be patient, don’t focus on minor things and soon you will realize that they are only trying to support you.

BY FAR Muse : Emma Roberts
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May is a month of transformation and liberation.

At the beginning of the month, you will be filled with positive charge causing moments of genuine euphoria. Use it to get various creative projects off the ground.

You know how to withstand boredom. Your inherent intelligence and sensitivity are supported by imagination and a lot of enthusiasm. Now is the perfect time to dream big and make bold plans for the future.  

In love, be brave and honest. Singles will experience interesting encounters, as long as you are open and curious of others.

BY FAR Muse : Caroline Daur
What To Wear :
 Pamela in ice blue will take you from the office to after work drinks.