In May, your ruling planet Mars enters Pisces bringing peaceful energy.

This does not mean that the month will not be productive – moments of inspiration and creativity will flow and help you clear the entanglements that prevent you from moving forward. Your senses will be sharper – think about what is bothering you, get rid of people and relationships stopping you and burdening you with negativity.

Be more patient and mindful of assessing the situations you find yourself in.

This self-analysis is extremely important for you right now to be ready for new heights and battles arising with Mars entering your sign at the end of May.


The Sun entered your sign on April 20, bringing energy and motivation to start new projects. You can increase this creative force by doing the things that bring you joy and expand your consciousness and overall potential for development.

May begins with the transit of your planet-ruler Venus through Pisces. This movement will generously provide you with circumstances, situations and people who will be the engine and support for future successful projects.

Try to spend more time with yourself – be alone and listen to your inner voice. Try to practice self-love consciously, get involved in creative projects, and have fun.

It is high time to learn to believe in your intuition. This will give you the fullness and happiness you strive for. The transit of Venus through Pisces awakens your inner wizard. All you need is inside you. This is your chance to take.


In May, Mercury passes through Gemini and brings dreamed and deserved gifts – new ideas, thoughts, feelings, contacts and understanding.

You will have the courage and desire to explore new areas of intellectual interest and professional projects. Everything will happen with ease. Reach to people you would like to know better and learn from them.

You must learn to get the best from the experiences you go through. Accept everything new that works for you and turn it into practical skills.


The transit of Mars through Pisces will strengthen your already highly developed emotionality and bring you into questions related to your personal development and improvement.

The period is good for developing your talents and involvement in various spiritual practices and meditation.

Be extremely careful in your professional partnerships. Insist on clear rules and signed contracts and avoid ambiguity and verbal promises.

In love, you will need to balance your emotions. The time is certainly not right to clarify misunderstandings or demand answers.


Enjoy a period of great satisfaction, both material and personal. Your days will be marked with exciting moments and interesting acquaintances.

Be careful, as everyone will be looking at you. Your talent will shine at work along with your shortcomings. Rely on your ability to curate successful projects and your intoxicating enthusiasm.

It would help if you worked on your strong ego, or you might be facing turbulent days. If you do not respect differences of opinion, you will constantly be handling challenging situations, experiencing conflicts or sacrificing something dear to you on behalf of others.


Dynamism is more evident in spring, and still, you will feel the need to be even more active. Exercise patience and focus your desire for order and discipline inwards.

It's time to figure out where your boundaries are. Now, you have the power to say No and cut off everything and everyone that holds you back. Free up space for new and positive emotions, experiences and people.

Be honest with yourself. Do you need everything you are surrounded by, do you enjoy your work, are you happy in your relationship?

There are many paths ahead of you if you look beyond fear and the familiar.


In May, your ruling planet Venus passes through Pisces, where it is in exaltation and brings high vibrations. Your love life will reap the benefits of this transit, and the beginning of the month will be marked with many romantic moments.

Venus will make you irresistible, and many energies will surround you, but be careful as you might be approached by someone who will through obstacles into your path.

On May 1, Venus met the already retrograde Pluto in Capricorn to mark a turning point in awareness and important decisions. Whatever hesitations you may have regarding professional projects, they are already behind you. There are only new opportunities and harmonious partnerships ahead.


In May, your ability to challenge and fight your fears will be tested. Your ruling planet began its retrograde movement in Capricorn on April 29 and will confront you with one of your greatest fears: turning inwards and looking for reasons for your mistakes in yourself.

Now is the time to realize that someone else can't make you happy and whole if you are not already. This retrograde movement will give you a chance to deal with old problems that you've thought you had solved.

Ready or not, changes are happening, and it's up to you whether you will be attracted to the same life situations again.


In May, you will face many trials.

This intellectual stimulation will exhaust you and keep you from achieving your goals because you will be scattered in an ocean of information.

The most important thing you can do now is to trust your intuition. Do not accept someone else's perspective as yours but be extremely honest with yourself.

Everything will happen smoothly when you know who you are and what you want to achieve. Then you will attract situations and opportunities that will help you make your dreams come true.

You will notice that certain people gradually drop out of your close circle of friends. But, don't worry - new acquaintances will appear in their place, reflecting your desire to develop and conquer new horizons.


Your main goal during this period is to regain your strength. Dare to embark on the path of change, which passes only through conscious choices and decisions.

The Sun is already in Taurus, which means you will know how to dole out your actions, leading to excellent results.

Invest your energy and resources where you feel you need to and try to balance and not control. This is your winning strategy.

The time is right to consider what responsibilities you can take and choose only those that help your development and self-improvement. The key is that this process is not forced but due to your conscious choice.


True freedom requires responsibility. Saturn is in your sign, promoting awareness and decisiveness. It will make you take responsibility for your dreams, seek more freedom to be yourself and grow in the way you want to.

This is a good time to evaluate your friendships and the meaningfulness of your work. It is important to nurture your individuality, your eccentric spirit and your creativity.

When there are doubts and uncertainties, Saturn will put barriers and obstacles preventing you from wasting energy on something that is not yours.


In May, Mars transits through your sign bringing vulnerability and many irritations. 

This melancholy will not lead to anything constructive. It is a sign that you easily give up control over your own life and stop at the slightest difficulty. Don't worry. Things will change.

On May 18 and 19, Mars joins the conjunction of Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces, and all your initiatives will be boosted by a burst of physical and mental energy.

You will cross boundaries very easily and without resistance, especially those inside you. This will get you where you need to be – among people who think like you and appreciate you for your uniqueness.