Keywords: negotiating, ethical
Motto: "I hesitate."
Ruler: Venus
Element: Air
Quality: Cardinal
Colour: Pink, Cream
Sun sign dates: September 23 - October 22

We welcome one of the most vital signs in astrology – that of Libra – and, interestingly, the only one represented by an object. The scales reflect Libra's fixation on harmony and balance, its obsession with symmetry and beauty. Libra strives to create equilibrium in all areas of life, which makes them great partners as well.

Libra brings fall. This is а period of calmness, of turning to family and loved ones.

Libra is social and tries to understand everyone. Libra is fundamentally orientated towards fairness and justice. Always rational, Libra wants to see both sides in every situation. That is why the representatives of the sign often come off as indecisive or insecure.

Despite this internal tension, as an air sign, Libra is an extroverted and impressionable creature. Therefore, people tend to gravitate towards Libras because they feel calm, liberated, and themselves when they are around them.

Libra does not have a strong ego. It is a sign of adjustment, of making room for the other outside of the self.

Libra's ability to accommodate others is also their weakness. They always need to judge soberly and impartially. Hence their detached behaviour when dealing with situations.

Libra energy is also known for its beautiful appearance and refined taste, which is a Venusian influence. In addition, they are vital, musical, loving, tolerant and incredibly talented. Enterprising, good at managing money, flexible and resourceful, as well.

On September 15, Mars entered Libra. This movement will bring you purpose and tools to achieve it.

It will be almost impossible to defend your boundaries and achieve independence during this transit – collaboration will be your only solution. Any joint projects will be highly successful. If you do not have the strength or skills to start something, now is the time to look for allies.

The retrograde phase of Mercury in Libra until October 19 will fill you with determination and a desire to communicate. The period is excellent for making new friends and starting new relationships, just because you are laying the foundation for them based on tolerance and respect for your partner.