Keywords: dominant, proud
Motto: "I want."
Ruler: the sun
Element: Fire
Quality: Fixed
Colour: Gold, Orange
Sun sign dates: July 23rd – August 22nd

It’s your birthday, Leo, and you want everyone to know it! 

Yes, Leos love being in the spotlight. In fact, they don’t just enjoy the attention – they need it. They long to be centre stage and hate feeling invisible or being ignored – playing to an empty house is their greatest nightmare.

Leos are fundamentally bold, proud and charismatic. They grow through their generosity, confidence, thinking big and feeling good about themselves. Associated with the hottest period of the year, they can also appear very dramatic and expressive. If you are close to a Leo-born, you will certainly be exposed to these emotions, but it’s not a bad thing, as they are devoted friends and partners.

One of the main challenges for Leos is to express their creative energy. Therefore, they need a lot of care, love, and validation, while in return, they don’t hold anything back. Leos love giving gifts and celebrating others, and they are always willing to share their positive energy with everyone around.

Venus left the sign of Leo, encouraging you to show your individuality. It awakened your ability to make people feel better, and during the summer, you will feel extremely generous and willing to help. It’s a good time to let someone lean on you, as you will feel extra protective.

Summer will make you bolder, seeking new challenges and new perspectives. You will feel pulled towards different and exciting people and conversations. The free exchange of ideas will lay the groundwork for a new cycle leading to long-term success, starting by the end of summer.

Things are really auspicious for singles, as you will appear more confident, brilliant and charming in the eyes of others. This is an upbeat moment filled with promising opportunities for meeting someone special.