Life is a challenge, and you know it very well. No one is more prepared than you are to go through all kinds of obstacles, and June will be full of them, so get ready!

Your boldness, courage and vision will be put to the test, and you will have to prove once again why you are the leader. It is important to maintain self-control and not allow your decisions to be questioned.

Saturn is retrograde from May 23rd to October 11th. Saturn in Aquarius requires you to become more focused and not just act as you always do but to express your ideas through your actions.

You are used to jumping out of the frying pan into the fire for the sake of others and now you will have to do it once again, but much more motivated and armed with ideas. The people next to you need an example, someone to lead them. We advise you not to hesitate but to move forward boldly.

The reward at the end of the road is worth it.


You came out of a golden period while your planet Venus was in your sign. Now it is time to show how hard-working and fearless you can be. You are good at monetizing opportunities, so work hard because now is the time for intensive and full commitment.

Be firm, and do not change your mind once you have made it up. This applies not only to your work processes but to your relationships as well. Be more persistent, open to new projects, but also much more careful with the introduction of any new technologies.

June will offer new, extremely sensual, and emotional moments for you. Be open to new experiences that will build on what has been achieved so far, not only materially – expand your worldview and willingness to change and develop.


Until July 11th, Mercury will stay in his own sign - Gemini. This period is extremely suitable for self-improvement – participation in all kinds of training and seminars, acquisition of new qualifications.

Mercury will make Gemini livelier than ever. Focus on communication, but more intimately and in order to understand yourself and others. This way you will grow, expand your worldview, and strengthen your freedom.

Be ready to discuss issues that excite you, and you will realize that it is in dialogue that the truth is born.

In June, you will be a bit more curious and adventurous if it is even possible. Use this opportunity to expand your huge mental library of raw information.

Novelty is your way, but whether it will be a new relationship or a new place to explore, the choice is always yours.


June is bringing the need for security for yourself and your loved ones. You will be looking for ways to create a comfortable, calm, and harmonious environment for everyone around you.

Mars is in your sign and will easily remove many deceptions and false expectations.

For those of you facing a crisis, now is the time to put an end to self-delusions and find freedom in yourself. Happiness is about listening to your heart and following it wherever it chooses to go.

Mars in Cancer will help you become more independent, to break away from those who want to dominate you, whether it is a professional or intimate relationship. It is time to get rid of the people around you who care too much and eventually suffocate you.

In love, you will gain the courage and strength to act, to recognize true love and to break away from unhealthy relationships.


Do not resist the changes, show your perseverance, and believe in yourselves – June is filled with sunny skies. Opportunities are everywhere, and they are waiting for you to pay attention. Your mind will work faster, and you will be more dialogical and even consider other people’s opinions. This will help you find solutions to any problem.

Jupiter is in Pisces until July 28th and will bring a positive boost that will take you out of your usual routine, will expand your horizons, and will offer new opportunities and goals. Now is the time to realize bold plans. So, do not hesitate and embark on all the new challenges that will arise before you in the summer.

Love can be a challenge as well. Be generous, smile broadly and do not cheat on yourself. If your partner does not appreciate it, maybe it is not meant to be.


Your idealism and the desire to be a good friend will be your driving forces this month. Your aspirations for perfection and empathy will be strong. Stop focusing on the detail, not only at work but also in your relationships.

Compassionate and sensitive, often irritable – this is how you will feel in ​​June. Focus on your internal world and ignore other people's opinions. If this causes you trouble at work, take time off.

Your heightened emotionality during this period will fit perfectly with your partner’s needs of intimacy and privacy. When you are most vulnerable and genuine, you receive the same from the person next to you, and your relationship grows stronger. Express your thoughts, feelings, and desires, and they will be heard.


June is bringing the joy of many unforgettable moments, willingness to experiment, openness to new ideas and experiences.

New productive ideas and plans will meet the approval of your team. Moreover, they will bring new opportunities and confidence to rethink your current situation and insist on new and greater responsibilities. As you develop your projects, you will quickly realize where your strengths are and how far you can go – it is possible to embark on a new business adventure.

June is the perfect time to spend more time with your family. Your sense of humour and playful mood will be indispensable for spending valuable time together.

Playfulness will also help you break the routine in your love life. Experiment and surprise your partner with something new every day. A surprise weekend getaway would be a great place to start!


June will be a turning point for many Scorpios, who are in impossible situations. Nothing new for you – you often put yourself in a difficult position. Be direct, set achievable goals and talk openly with your colleagues. Whatever the problem, with a conscious and constructive attitude and dialogue, things will work out.

After the more emotional and passionate months of the beginning of the year, now you can take a more sober look at your personal and business relationships.

Try to be less critical of your family and friends. Just listen to them without analysing their behaviour and sharing your opinion. In the process of listening and understanding, you will find that you are not that different and have many common aspirations. After all, happy relationships are between partners who dream together but also respect each other's space.


This month, you will inspire confidence and purposefulness in everyone around you.

Friends and colleagues will often turn to you for some advice. Be kind and help as much as possible, especially to your more inexperienced colleagues. You might still not realize it, but your magnetism as a leader will convey empathy and trust.

Your ruling planet Jupiter makes you too frank and even arrogant but right now, you need to balance your love for conflicts and communicate lightly and without expecting anything in return.

Mutual exchange and trust without thinking about what will happen or what you will lose is the right way to the heart of your loved one. For singles, summer is a great time for meeting someone new.


When you work hard, you get impressive results.

Retrograde Pluto between April 25th and October 6th will turn you inward. You will self-analyse and seek strength and inspiration in the depths of your own personality.

Be determined. Your success will depend on making fast and firm decisions. Do not waste time, even if there is a chance you will make a mistake. It is important to be active and not miss any opportunity to establish yourself as a leader.

In love, your relationship will go through a transformation. You will replace physical pleasures with the euphoria of witty communication. Many of you that have long-distance relationships will have to seduce with words and eloquence. Right now, words are more important and sexier than actions and other tricks for seduction.


Aquarius continues its ascent to success.

No matter how much you prefer the calm and refreshing atmosphere at home, June is bringing adventures for you. It is important to go on with the healthier lifestyle, which you are slowly turning into a routine because it will give you the strength you need for the endeavours ahead.

The inspiring energy of the Sun in Gemini will help you express yourself better, state clearly what you want, and achieve it easier. You will finally be recognised for your efforts, providing a healthy boost to your confidence and self-esteem.

Singles will enter a beautiful and romantic period. You will feel happy and satisfied no matter if you are only flirting or starting a more serious relationship.


Jupiter enters your sign and will remain there until December 20th, 2022, bringing idealism and devotion to your life. You will remember who you really are – a good, emotional, ethical, and spiritual person with many friends.

You will feel enthusiastic about being the best version of yourself and making the world a better place. Participation in charity events or just listening to friends who need to be heard will fill you with positive energy.

You might feel more introverted than usual. Turn to art, philosophy, psychology, and mysticism for inspiration.

Your thoughts will be beautiful, your feelings tender, and you will have a great need for understanding and love. You will receive it from your partner, offering all the support you might need for the endeavours that are yet to come.