Your ruler Mars enters Leo and will remain there until July 29th. Mars in Leo will make you much more analytical, pushing you to rethink many of your behavioural patterns.

It is a movement of clarity, recalling many questions. It will help you establish and stand up for yourself in the most humble ways. This is not a matter of arrogance but rather a manifestation of your strong spirit. It will make you bolder and increase your ability to fight for what you want while respecting and tolerating others.

In love, you will have to take a step back. Think about what is more important for you – to impose yourself on your partner and go in the direction you have chosen, or to look around and take a step aside into the unknown, where is actually much more fun.



A magical and somewhat restless summer is ahead of you, especially in terms of thoughts and stereotypes. The revaluation process you are going through requires looking deeper at certain questions.

Get rid of relationships and attitudes that keep you in sweet delusions. It is time to take the responsibility to create and maintain your personal boundaries.

Your working life will really take off. You are embarking on a new journey. There is an invitation for you to make demands. Do not be afraid to ask for more, including more responsibility. Everything is going smoothly in your relationships as well.

July requires flexibility and idealism. Your desire for material possessions will be satisfied, but now you will be much more enriched by pleasant conversations and the emotional support you receive from the people around you.



Your summer is going to be awesome. Looking for crowded spaces and large companies, you will find interesting people in the most unexpected places. It is a good time to start practising yoga or meditation. It will help you find what excites you and where to put your heart and energy.

You are interested in new ways to help others. Involvement in various charitable initiatives and devoting yourself to anyone in need will help you understand what you really want.

In love, you should dedicate more time to your partner. Open up and talk more, be honest and share things you did not dare to talk about before. This is the only way to be truly free and happy in your relationship.



Happy birthday, Cancer! With the Sun in your sign, you are surrounded by auspicious love prospects. Get ready for passion, romance and a deep and transforming relationship. It is finally time to travel, to experiment and to reconnect with yourself.

In your workplace, you will be able to prove that you are not as vulnerable and defenceless as your colleagues think. Gradually, you will find a niche to declare yourself and show what you are capable of. Keep listening to your intuition it will not let you down.

You feel that your partner needs you, so spend more time with him. Your home is your salvation station, so relax with a glass of good wine while watching a good vintage movie.



Mars in your sign will arm you with courage and a clear vision for the future. It will make you stand up for your ideas and help you reach your full potential. Mars will promote courage, enthusiasm and faith in your own strength. It will help you overcome the obstacles keeping you from achieving your goals.

First of all, focus your energy and time on solving major professional issues. Your position will be heard, as long as you state it clearly and do not hold back.

Mars in Leo will make you a bit more combative in personal relationships. Try to overcome yourself and maintain a healthy balance.

It will push you to defend your feelings but do not attack your partner with accusations. After all, love is not about power but honesty and respect for the other.



Mercury has come out of its retrograde motion, which is good news for all Virgos who have postponed the signing of important contracts and taking cardinal decisions in the past months.

July is bringing more opportunities, positive communication, understanding and real results.

By July 7th, Mercury is moving along the path it has already taken before becoming retrograde. In the period of the so-called retrograde shadow expect to receive results from projects or negotiations started months ago.

In love, there is satisfaction and understanding. A long holiday in a place you have never been before will open your senses to new experiences and fill you with positive vibrations.



July will be dynamic, full of successful projects and many challenges.

The tense-aspect of Mercury and Neptune, between July 1st and 7th, can cause a desire to clarify business and personal relationships that feel insincere for some reason. It is possible to receive information that will give you the answers you have been looking for. This will unleash your passive behaviour in terms of professional commitments and contacts with people you have refrained from.

Jupiter's retrograde motion will make you re-evaluate your behaviour and attitude. You will withdraw from partners you have trusted and relied on so far.

During this period, you will start new friendships, both professional and emotional, which will enrich and inspire you for years to come. Networking and sharing good times with friends are all you need right now.


You are entering a very exciting and important period in July. After the New Moon in Gemini and with the transit of Mars in Leo comes a time when you will become more aware of the gap between your new desires and your previous self.

This summer will be for self-analysing and self-overcoming. It is time to overcome selfish impulses and self-destructive passions. Instead, seek balance and harmony in old and new relationships.

If you choose to accept and respect others instead of fiercely pursuing your goals, you will achieve a huge milestone.

Adjust your thoughts to these vibrations, and success, both professional and personal, will follow.

You will welcome the autumn enriched with new friendships and goals.

Your ruling planet Jupiter began a retrograde motion in late June, which will continue until October 17th, requiring adjustments, reviews, and true judgement. Reach out to your friends because often we cannot objectively assess situations in which we are emotionally involved.

Jupiter being retrograde will make you return to tasks and projects you left out because you did not believe in them. Now you need to rethink everything, based on the new knowledge and experience you have gained, and act.

You will be filled with enthusiasm to get the best out of yourself. Rely on teamwork, your colleagues will not let you down.

You will need to be generous and kind to your family and friends. Indulge in these impulses, especially with your partner.


Start creating the circumstances yourself instead of just following them. It is time to free your mind from old addictions and fears, from the convenience of someone else taking care of you.

You will feel free, with clear ideas and good intentions. This month you might make a sharp turn and choose another professional path. Whatever you decide, remember, it is your call.

If you are single, your positive vibrations may attract the right person to you. Summer is, above all, a time for rest and recharging. A new romantic relationship will do just that for you. It will erase old disappointments and memories so you will feel ready for something real and exciting.


This year, Jupiter’s retrograde motion occurs in Aquarius and Pisces, and in Aquarius it begins in late July, promoting original ideas and impulses to experiment.

You will feel the need for more freedom and desire to express yourself. It is a good time to embark on any creative projects and challenges.

Be open to networking and share with friends and colleagues what you do. You will easily create circles of like-minded people around you.

If you have considered new activities but were too indecisive to start them, now is the time to return to your dreams. Be creative, innovative and bold.


By July 27th, Jupiter is retrograde in your sign. Entering Pisces a month ago, Jupiter gave you an incentive to devote yourself entirely to what you are good at and love. It gave you a dose of idealism and faith in your own strengths.

Now is the time to rethink what is right for you and start to act. The more you look at yourself, the more opportunities you lose. Work with conviction and scope, and you will receive the needed support.

In love, you are enjoying a time of harmony – there is satisfaction and tranquillity in every aspect of your relationship.