As tempting as summer might be, you must stay focused on your priorities.

In July, the desire to relax in the summer timelessness might get in the way of your plans. This is not the time for vacations, fun and light conversations. You should choose well the people around you. Strive to surround yourself with successful, optimistic individuals from who you can learn.

Now that Mars has left the scene, you are filled with fighting spirit and energy for self-affirmation. It resonates perfectly with the goals you've set for yourself recently.

So don't let the summer distract you. It is time for success and redemption, get what you have been waiting for a long time: great happiness and satisfaction.


A Taurian does not need much to feel happy - just a cosy home, happy family, money and beautiful things. In the summer, you want peace, don't like to be pushed and prefer to follow your own rhythm.

However, the transit of Mars through your sign in July will not let you enjoy life the way you want to. It will arm you with perseverance and diligence and give you the confidence to realize your knowledge and skills.

It is time for you to work, but not in a fast and competitive environment. Mars in Taurus loves to slowly and methodically perfect things. Projects started during this transit will develop more slowly, and you will probably have to look for additional funding, but in no way does this doom them to failure. On the contrary, they will be successful in the long run and bring you great satisfaction personally and financially.


In July, your planet Mercury emerges from its retrograde motion in Taurus and flies through your sign.

This short period until July 7 will be filled with curiosity to experiment and openness to new experiences. So whatever ideas come to your mind, write them down, because you can forget something important.

Until July 17, Venus will also transit through your sign bringing a desire for adventures. Expect lots of fun and acquaintances, which will lead to long-term and valuable professional relationships.

Feel free to share ideas and collect new ones. Thanks to Mercury, you will express yourself beautifully, accurately, and enchantingly. This might appear sexy and inspiring, but don't forget that after all the beautiful promises, there must be actions.


The first summer month brings you a surge of energy, a desire to work and lots of excitement.

Do what you love and go where your heart tells you. A dream that has been on hold for a while might emerge from the past with new energy. Embrace it and accomplish it with all the care and attention you are capable of.

Many of you will choose a more relaxing and calmer rhythm of life, with enough time for your loved ones.


Before you explode in full force and splendour on July 23th, you must relax and clarify your thoughts.

Give yourself a week of more casual moments at the beginning of the month. The horizon is endless, and the possibilities are everywhere.

Before embarking on the realization of your big dreams and loves, you should be light and free from routines, old patterns of thinking and non-working relationships.


The decisions that you have stubbornly avoided so far materialize before you. It is a time to meet those fears that stand in the way of important personal and professional projects and overcome them.

Recognizing that you can't handle certain situations is the push you need to get on the right track. If there are conflicts, now, thanks to constructive communication, it will be possible to restore a good balance.

The direct movement of your planet Mercury through Gemini will give you the clarity of thought you need. Direct your curiosity inwards and find out what prevents you from growing.


Summer is a time of dreams come true.

By mid-July, your ruling planet is transiting through the sign of Gemini, which helps getting in tune and communicating with interlocutors more fluidly.

Many will receive a long-awaited job offer or will start their own project, especially if it is related to art, fashion, communications, or education.

In addition to work, you will find time for pleasant moments and some fun. Your less engaging behaviour will give the necessary air and freedom in your relationships – personal and professional. Use this light energy to achieve what you consider difficult or impossible.


In July, you should be focused on your own tasks. Try not to pay attention to words and actions that provoke you. Moreover, you enter vibrations that make you oppose everything that has not passed through your approval.

Mars in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn will sharpen your desire to prevail in the name of your ego. Now more than ever, you need a calm mind and critical thinking to oppose the chaos around you.

Do not allow yourself to be involved in other people's battles, and do not give any unwanted advice.

Right now, it is best for you if you distance yourself from external irritations and focus on what is important to you.


Those who know where they are going and do not waste time on unnecessary thoughts or doubts will achieve a lot this month.

Yet, your highly developed imagination might easily blur boundaries and lead you into illusory relationships. This process is reinforced by the retrograde motion of Neptune, which began in late June and will continue until December this year. Neptune is a planet of fantasies, illusions and spiritual quests. When it is retrograde, however, it will take you back to past unsolved situations and make you question obvious things. As a result, many of you will experience inner turmoil, anxiety and doubt.

The more creative Sagittarians will feel a lot of inspiration and aspiration for artistic self-expression.


During the new month, you will often be placed in situations that sober up your ego.

This is the way, albeit often painful, to part with the illusion that everything is up to you, and you have the power to control it. You need to readjust or completely change your attitudes. The key is to use this energy to develop greater understanding and creativity and not cause yourself inner tension by trying to either get away with your responsibilities or control them.

If you have the opportunity, leave your familiar environment for a longer time. It will reduce the tension and the desire to prove yourself at any cost.


The retrograde motion of Saturn, which will last until October 23, takes place on the territory of your sign. So, it is entirely normal to feel a sense of restraint and pressure in some areas of ​​your life.

Saturn will teach you that every difficulty or challenge is a chance for spiritual growth.

It is pointless to resist this energy, trying to keep the familiar patterns that give you comfort and deceptive security. On the contrary, use the period to change attitudes and circumstances that you should have a long time ago. It is time to regain a sense of reality and part with self-delusions.

Rely on an accurate and clear mind, sober judgment and support from true friends.


This is a highly emotional and intuitive period for you. The retrograde movement of your planet-ruler Neptune will allow you to forget and, above all, forgive people who have hurt you in the past.

Breaking away from pain and forgiveness will help you distance yourself from the negative events in your life and move forward with a sense of renewed energy.

You will feel more understanding of the feelings of others.

Work is challenging throughout the entire month. You are at a turning point, and energies are in favour of new beginnings.