Chiron will be retrograde in your sign until December 20th and will probably put you in situations that have made you feel vulnerable in the past.

You will see just how important it is to learn from the past. Your old wounds are the key to understanding the present. Chiron in Aries is taking you down a path towards boldness, innovativeness and a greater understanding of yourself and your true goals. With retrograde Chiron in Aries, your desire to act and overcome your personal boundaries will be even stronger.

In your love life, you will likely meet someone who hurt you in the past. Right now, you look with different eyes at previous relationships. What seemed disappointing back then now looks promising. You will see clearly the truth that has eluded you for years and prevented you from building emotional relationships. Opening yourself to new possibilities also means new challenges, so be prepared. 


Venus is transiting Virgo until August 16th, bringing positive boost and deserved success, especially to those born in Virgo, Taurus and Capricorn. Projects will start to take shape, and new opportunities will abound.

In August, you will see major changes starting to take shape in your professional relationships. The projects you are working on will go at a fast pace and will produce excellent results over time. Venus in Virgo will make you more precise and focused on the detail, which will benefit those of you who are engaged in creative work.

It is time to review your relationship and set priorities. If your relationship has been on shaky grounds for a while, do not put it off any longer and make a decision. If you decide to proceed together, you should be the one to take the first steps towards your partner.



It is the start of a meaningful and productive month, filled with lightness and joy. There will be a lot going on, including interesting meetings and exciting collaborations, that will be crucial for your development. Improve the world by improving yourself. 

You will be able to tangibly feel the big goals that will become concrete really soon. 

Between August 3rd and 8th, the Sun will make a tense aspect with Uranus, which can make you particularly reckless, looking for quick solutions and hasty answers. Slow down and focus on the details. Experience time slowly and mindfully if you want to be relevant to the new aspects of your life. 


Extremely emotional summer days are ahead of you.

In August, you will experience intense shifts in mood, which will complicate your communication and you will often feel misunderstood. Focusing on small things will make you anxious, affecting your work life. 

You may face possible disagreements with your colleagues that could cause arguments. Avoid them with creativity. Neptune’s retrograde movement will bring original ideas and will increase your need for freedom and creative scope. Listen to yourself and embark on new adventures that used to seem very bold or extravagant.

If you can't resist the strong desire for freedom and space, just pack your clothes in a suitcase and take a break. You will be able to clear your thoughts, rearrange your priorities and rest.



August starts with Mercury in the sign bringing inspiration and creative solutions. The planet of communication will boost your self-confidence and convincing presence in any conversation. The period is extremely suitable for any business negotiations.

Your verbal skills and expertise will take centre stage in projects, leading to new and interesting opportunities for business developments.  

Over the past few months, you used to be self-centred, looking for inner security. Now is the time to go out and be reckless.

Your love life is passionate. You will feel bolder and more open to new experiences, living a period of great satisfaction.



On July 29th, Mars enters your sign, making you unstoppable and even more energetic. You will be looking for perfection, especially in the work of others. By the end of the month, you will set the bar even higher. This will cause slight dissatisfaction and anxiety. Slow down, you do not always have to remake what has already been done.

The transit of Mars will be extremely favourable for those of you in the engineering profession, where perfection is the key to success. 

To balance the super-energy that Mars gives you, make a schedule to work and rest. Otherwise, you risk working at a very fast pace throughout August. Better take some time off, it is still summer, and even you need a break.


Beautiful August skies for you Libra. On August 16th, Venus enters your sign bringing love, balance and beauty to your life and the lives of the people around you. 

Venus in Libra will improve your sense of beauty, making it a good period for all kinds of beauty procedures, diets and style changes. Your good taste and sophistication will attract love, friendly companies and aesthetic experiences.

As long as Venus is in your sign, your love life will be filled with passion, tenderness and beauty. Even the busiest of you will be tempted to embark on a passionate love affair. There are excellent prospects for singles, as a charm from Venus is promising lasting relationships. 

You will successfully harmonize and strengthen your family relationships, smooth out misunderstandings and move on.


Scorpios need obstacles in their path, taboos to overcome in order to transform and discover their authentic selves.

Your ruling planet Pluto will be retrograde until October 6th, bringing the need to get rid of everything old – thinking, worldview, as well as relationships. Now is the time to part with negative emotions and stressful situations. Be yourself, do what fills you with positive energy and satisfies you.

Retrograde Pluto brings you powerful inner energy that you can use for introspection, to find what works for you and what does not. Keep your personal life under control, let go of people who do not appreciate you and do not make you feel complete. 

It is a good time to start a detox diet for excellent results on your body and mind.


Adventures and liberation are August’s keywords. You will discover new territories, new challenges and new traits – the journey will be very intense and in all directions.

This is a good time to upgrade your skills or start learning something new. Remain open to different points of view. If you have the opportunity to travel, choose a destination you have never been to before. This will enrich you and open up new horizons and perspectives.

Singles are ready for new and exciting adventures. August will be filled with fun times spent with friends with possible opportunities for new romantic encounters.


Work hard, and success will follow! Invest 100% of your energy in what you do. 

Since the beginning of the year, you have skilfully managed to remove all your internal and external boundaries, clearing your way to success. If you continue to be reasonable, loyal and taking full responsibility for your actions, success will finally start to come true.

Summer is a golden period for you, with projects and collaborations starting to see results, also in terms of money. If you haven’t already managed to take time off, steal a few days for rest.

For those of you who have children, you will have many conscious conversations and important moments together. The period is perfect to polish inherited patterns of behaviour, to talk and prepare them to be responsible and independent young people. The more aware you are of yourself, the more useful you will be to them.

In August, the retrograde nature of Jupiter continues to determine your behaviour. Associated with abundance in all its dimensions, retrograde Jupiter wants you to be careful and not allow extremes to prevail in your life, even when they are positive.

Read its signs correctly or you may become too self-centred and distant from everything that is happening around you.

The choice is always yours. As a true Aquarius, you need to spend more time with like-minded people. Get out there and enjoy what you have.


Your planet-ruler Neptune will be retrograde until December 1st. This will often put you in situations that will sober your ego. You will have to choose between your well-being and the future of a professional project. In both cases, it is a matter of respecting other people’s boundaries and being open-minded to different viewpoints.

During this period, your intuition will be extremely strong, as well as the desire not to be alone. 

Turning its movement into retrograde, Neptune heralds a wave of acceptance and desire to connect with others. It is time to engage in various activities with lots of people.

Better, more tolerant, overflowing of love - this is how you will feel this wonderful summer.