Leave the resolutions in 2021. You start 2022 with Mars in the Sagittarius. Chiron was retrograde in your sign, but since December 19, it has been moving directly and will allow you to show your strengths and brilliant personality.

A desire to experiment in different areas will arise in early January. Do not hesitate to go beyond your comfort zone but be careful as your strong energetic drive can make you lose sight of essential details or forget your daily commitments, which might cause tension in your relationship. 

The good thing is that you will look at the world way more philosophically. If you happen to have failures, you will accept them as temporary obstacles. You will immediately start making new plans, arm yourself and embark on new battles.

The year kicks off to a great start.

Until March 6, your planetary ruler Venus is in Capricorn. This is a highly favourable situation because both signs are earthly, and their energy will materialise many of your goals and aspirations.

At the beginning of the year, the movement of Venus is retrograde, and the look inward is decisive – this is a good time to review your strengths and weaknesses and look at the new opportunities that open before you.

The knowledge you have gained and the relationships you have invested your energy in are evolving, opening new horizons before you.

Someone might emerge from the past and appear again to show you how far you have gone and changed.

In January, your planetary ruler Mercury goes retrograde in Aquarius, pushing you to review what has been achieved so far and to correct what has not worked for you. This isn't a good time to start new projects, sign contracts or make radical decisions about your life. Instead, consider your current plans, go back to old ideas and look at them with new eyes.

You will succeed if you apply an innovative approach on something you worked on and abandoned because the time wasn’t right.

If your ideas are collecting dust on a shelf, it's time to set them free and experiment. 

Sharing good times with close friends is all you need in your private life.

One after the other, you lose connections, attitudes and behavioural patterns that kept you away from what you truly are. January brings confidence and life becomes more carefree.

For you, this period can be very emancipatory if you decide to work on yourself. Above all, you need to get rid of your anguish and lack of self-confidence. Pay more attention to yourself and organise your emotional world.

It is challenging for a Cancer-born to escape from their deep indecision and mood swinging. Therefore, in January, you need to make clear plans for your future and follow them strictly throughout the year.

Make new friends, try to create synergies with other people.

In love, you will be looking for solidity and stability.

January kicks off with professional challenges. This is not bad news as you will mobilise your full potential, passion and scope. Impulsive decisions and inspiration alone are not enough for great results – you need to work.

It is essential to think outside the box, be creative, and take calculated risks in order to be successful. Work with your younger teammates. They will help you take a different approach on solving problems.

It is a good time for personal affirmation – start exploring your abilities and boundaries. Do not stop, if your enthusiasm abandons you quickly after starting something. It is important to work on all things that were pulling you back if you wish to start 2022 with new energy and ready for new challenges.

The year kicks off to an unexpected start. In January, you will be daring yourself and your attitudes. You will reduce your usual tendency to self-sacrifice at the expense of healthier relationships.

This will be felt immediately in your work life, where changes are inevitable and in your favour.

If you wish for a new job, a promotion, or starting a new project, the time is now. But, first, make an accurate assessment of what you need and set a plan for the implementation.

Conflicts could arise if you express your opinion too loudly or impose a fast pace of work. Accept other people's differences, loosen up your perfectionism, and appreciate the people in your life without judging them.

In love, be more relaxed.

Venus going retrograde makes you highly sensitive at the beginning of the year.

It is possible to feel intense insecurity due to the discrepancy between the goals you had set and the results you've achieved. If you are in the middle of an important project and it is not going the way you want it to, give it time.

The relationship with your partner will be much more harmonious. You will appear much more mature and magnetic in their eyes, and they won't be able to resist your charm and strong presence.

However, be careful – this period will strongly emphasise the feeling of superiority in some of you, and the line there is very thin. Remember that harmony requires constant care and attention.

In January, you will be more suspicious than usual. You will look for hidden motives in otherwise harmless statements and actions of colleagues and your family. Beware as this might lead to destructive behaviour.

At the beginning of the year, you will often find yourself in situations where you will lose your patience. Do not suppress this aggression because it can cause you serious physical problems.

The repressed anger that you deny often comes to the surface by attracting aggressive behaviour from others. Thus, you find yourself in a vicious circle of dissatisfaction and irritability.

Instead, use your sharp mind to analyse your behaviour. Look for your solid creative energy and transforming essence.

If you have a writing talent, write, explore your deep psychological motives, subconscious fears and passions.

Your Sun in Sagittarius is bringing a lot of constructive energy at the beginning of the year. As a result, you will embark on various projects filled with big ideas and vision for the future from January.

The beginning of the year is suitable for starting a new endeavour, but do not scatter in many directions, as 2022 is just starting, and you don't possess unlimited amounts of energy.

Pursue your gift to excite and attract others but be careful as it is very easy to cross the border. Do not push and impose your opinion too aggressively, no matter how right you think you are.

In love, you will meet strong resistance if you are not flexible enough to say sorry.

Mercury comes out of your sign on January 2, after gifting you with the needed skills for a successful career and personal development.

Add your organisational skills, analytical thinking and determination, and the result will be rapid career growth and financial success.

Be careful and insightful, but do not procrastinate. It is possible to be deceived and lose your energy if you consult with others too often.

In love, you will expect a lot from your partner. However, remember that you do not need their approval to feel beautiful and believe in yourself.

You will find abundant new energy in the first days of 2022 due to the transit of Mercury through your sign.

You will have the courage to stand behind your ideas which will lead to excellent results and personal satisfaction.

You will feel as carefree as possible, and you will easily make new friends. This will be an extremely fruitful period, because you will learn a lot, expand your views and surprise yourself.

Mercury in Aquarius will take your thoughts far beyond the conventional, and you will be filled with unusual ideas.

At the beginning of the year, it would be hard to achieve a proper balance between thoughts and emotions. You will rely more on your emotions and need something or someone to drag you back to reality. Because let's be realistic - most of your torments are just fruits of your imagination.

"Grounding" can be achieved through new work related to logical thinking or administrative activities. They will perfectly balance your mystical and emotional nature and will make you feel secure.

In January, count on your magnetism to convey trust and empathy. Don’t miss this opportunity to socialise and network with friends..