Is this another day you chose flats over heels? No, not again! Yeah, we get it, comfort was your best friend during these past months, but your body needs some struggle once in a while. We mean, there is no balance in comfort all the time. This is the same reason, we need to work out and to keep a healthy diet, but also to lay on the couch for a whole day with glass of wine and a pointless reality tv shoe. 

So, now, let’s forget about comfort for a few minutes and focus on the inevitable elegance of a great pair of heels.

Hot summer nights embodied with this sexy, three strap mule, resting atop another custom made, wood stack heel. Somewhere between a 90’s sensibility and a 2000’s abandon there of, Malene is versatile between daytime and evening. This is giving us serious JLo at the VMA’s vibes, especially in white nappa leather. But you can take your pick from all the essential neutrals that it features. And you’ll be surprised to realize how comfortable they are as well.

Just imagine walking down the street in these gorgeous mules like Monicca Belluci in the “Malena” movie with all eyes on you. If you are craving for this feeling, we have few stylish ideas to try right away, thanks to the awesome BY FAR girls.

The disco queen look

Ola Farhat wearing Malene in Nude Leather

Maria Bernad wearing Malene in Bordeaux Creased Leather

In 2020, comfort was our number one priority, so leggings naturally become a part of the WFH picture. But for these moments when you want to feel a little extra why don’t you try disco leggings, meant to shape and move with your body. Now is the time to put a pair of Malene mules on and play your favourite 70s playlist.

The neutral look

Trine Kjær, Bella Tehrani and Jenny Suet wearing Malene in Nude leather 

Everyone will tell you that this neutral and beige shades trend is expiring, but at same time every stylish Instagram girl is still on it and on full speed. So, it’s obvious we are still not done with it yet. And nothing fits better in this sophisticated aesthetic than a pair of hot Malene heels.

The lockdown look

Marie Tiangue wearing Malene in White Nappa Leather

Trine Kjær wearing Malene in Nude Leather

Who said staying at home means sweatpants and sweaters all the time? Let a pair of beautiful and sexy mules like our Malene style keep you company through these tough times of loneliness and boredom.

The date night look

Giulia Tordini and Juliah Hussein wearing Malene in Black Creased Leather

Malene should be your first choice when you are putting together a classic date night look. No matter if you are into slip dresses or jeans and cool tops, these mules will add the needed amount of sexiness and romanticism to any outfit.

The weekend look

Ola Faharat wearing Malene in Nude Leather

Atra wearing Malene in Black Creased Leather

We know that weekends were reserved for sneakers, but not anymore. After spending a whole year in them, our feet are longing for some femininity. So, don’t forget to include Malene in your next weekend plans and just watch it transforming your mood no matter how you will style it.