Consciously designed and underpinned by a commitment to sustainability, BY FAR’s new range of knit scarves and hats is enhancing the cool allure of sustainable fashion. The future-friendly collection premiers this season, part of the special #LVRSustainable selection of Luisa Via Roma.

Characterized by the freshly introduced BF label in red, the new line of sustainable knit accessories continues to radiate the strong BY FAR identity reflective through elevated materials, immense technical know-how and an inspiring colour palette.

For extra softness and a clean conscience, the accessories are knitted out of responsibly sourced alpaca fibre stabilised with recycled polyamide and completed with mulesing-free wool. The fibres have then been carefully brushed to achieve a cosy, luxurious effect.

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Alpaca is renewable, sustainable and eco-friendly.

The alpaca wool used in the production of the BY FAR scarves and hats is ethically sourced from the alpaca’s native environment, Peruvian Andes, which is home to 80% of world’s alpaca population. Peru’s exceptional textile tradition is based mainly on the rational usage of Alpaca fibre whose domestication, thousands of years ago, placed it on men’s hands to be cared for, especially regarding the annual shearing without which the animal would suffer from diverse illness. Тhe industry surrounding the alpaca population is an important local business that supports hundreds of thousands of families.

Our alpaca wool is sheared using ancient traditions, enhanced by modern production technics and under the highest standards of animal welfare, with the aim of reducing to the minimum the stress produced by the annual hair cutting necessary for the animal’s survival.

BY FAR has chosen to use alpaca wool for its lightness, durability and softness, thanks to its longer fibres. It is not bulky or itchy – we have woven and brushed the material many times over, ensuring the most luxurious touch to the skin.

Alpaca fibre does not contain lanolin – which makes it hypoallergenic – or grease; therefore, it is easy to wash without intensive detergents or chemicals. And while the alpaca fibres are fine, they are also extremely durable, ensuring a long life of the alpaca products. 

The alpaca fibre is known to be five times warmer and stronger than sheep’s wool. It has built-in air pockets. This unique structure keeps the warmth of your body inside its fibres, and gives great breathability, allowing your body to feel cool when hot.

Alpaca wool is sustainable in many different ways. Alpaca are significantly kinder to the environment than sheep or goats. They have padded feet that are gentle, and when they graze, they do not damage or destroy root systems. Compared to goats and sheep, alpaca require less water and food. They do not usually eat or destroy trees, preferring tender native grasses, which are not pulled up by the roots but are nibbled off above the ground with their teeth.  


BY FAR pledges to introduce more and more responsible materials into its collections, looking for the best versions the industry has to offer. 

The compositions of our knit scarves & hats include post-consumer recycled polyamide, used to stabilize the alpaca fibre. Polyamide is an artificial fibre made from oil. The recycled polyamide delivers all the benefits of standard polyamide while ensuring greater sustainability through reduced waste. Polyamides offer high levels of heat resistance, stiffness, and high mechanical stability for a durable solution.

Our recycled polyamide is made from used materials like plastic bottles, fishing nets, worn-out clothes or discarded carpeting destined for the landfill. It requires less energy and water to produce than virgin polyester and lessens our dependence on virgin petroleum as a raw material source. Using recycled polyamide reduces the disposal of waste to landfills and the use of resources.



BY FAR chose to use Merino wool for its quality, softness, and ability to regulate body temperature. Merino wool is hypoallergenic and repels dirt, stains and wrinkles and is naturally antibacterial, so it requires minimal washing and ironing. 

Despite wool’s undisputable sustainable qualities, it is important to take into account the ethical considerations related to the use of this fibre. 

Therefore, we have chosen to use cruelty-free, mulesing-free Merino wool, working to protect animal welfare and ensure animals are treated with respect while still maintaining the highest quality of the material. Mulesing is a horrifying and painful procedure that involves the removal of woolly skin from around the breach of a sheep, in order to prevent flystrike, often without any painkillers. An extremely cruel act against animals that we will never stand for.

Debuting with Pre-Fall 2021, the scarves arrived in solid colour and zebra pattern where striking shades of orange and purple contrast sharply with a sophisticated natural palette. For Fall-Winter 2021, statement-making stripe scarves animate the line-up with spray-painted effect. The BF artwork is used as the final detail of the new beanies, which top the knit offerings with contemporary charm. 

BY FAR knit accessories are already available at BY FAR and LuisaViaRoma as part of their curated platform LVRSustainable. Focusing on distinctive style and sustainability, we joined forces with the luxury Italian e-tailer in this mission to forge fashion’s sustainable future. 

Discover the collection here.

Find more about BY FAR’s sustainability efforts at byfar.com/pages/sustainability.